Quick Bio

After a four-year apprenticeship to become a software developer at ETA, the main manufacturing division of Swatch Group, I worked there two more years and mostly created web-based applications for internal use during that time.

I then went to Bern University of Applied Sciences where I first graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialisation in Web and Business Applications.
I continued my studies part-time and and graduated with a Master of Science in Engineering with specialisation in Information and Communication Technologies in a programme jointly run by all seven Swiss public Universities of Applied Sciences.

During master's studies, I started working part-time at Solothurner Spitäler, the public hospitals group of the Swiss Canton of Solothurn, as an Intern and later Application Engineer (Applikationsbetreuer).
After graduating, I was promoted to Project Manager and continue to work on the CIO's staff full-time and am involved in different IT departments' projects.
I also continue to support my colleagues responsible for the clinical information system and am responsible for clinical data collection and analyses on behalf of the Medical IT Department.
Becase of my Software Engineering experience, I am also acting as the technical ServiceNow Administrator and Architect, primary responsible for the IT Financial, Project, and Portfolio Management modules as well as having overall platform responsibility.

You can find more detailed information about my professional experience and some of the software projects I was involved in.