Selected Open & Closed Source Projects

I maintain a number of public (and private) repositories on GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

In the course of my professional work I also developed and maintained several applications used only internally.

  • an application to plan what departments the company's apprentices work in and who will be responsible for them
  • an application to collect the rules that apply when constructing and manufacturing watch components
  • an application to analyse illness- and injury-related absences of employees
  • an application to manage the backflow of defective components and analyse the causes of these defects
  • an application used by all employees to purchase discounted watches and jewellery
  • an application to manage the active directories with all its user accounts, groups, computers etc.
  • an application to record and analyse pre-clinical CPR
  • a GIS report stack to analyse several years of EMS operations
  • various analyses and reports of clinical data collected at a hospital group
  • and many more…