Movie 'Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol'

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On land, on sea, or in the air, no place is safe from them!

A new batch of recruits arrives at Police Academy, this time a group of civilian volunteers who have joined Commandant Lassard's new Citizens on Patrol program. Although the community relations project has strong governmental support, a disgusted Captain Harris is determined to see it fail.

United States of America English

  • a.k.a. Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol
  • Police Academy V: Citizens on Patrol

Canada English

  • a.k.a. Académie de police 4:Aux armes citoyens

Germany German (Deutsch)

Police Academy 4 - Und jetzt geht’s rund
  • a.k.a. Police Academy 4... und jetzt gehts rund

Viele schöne Jobs für viele liebe Bürger, verspricht sich der mittlerweile schwer verkalkte Lassard von seiner neuesten Schnapsidee, dem Programm "Bürgerwehr". Eifrigen Rentnern, Hausfrauen und jugendlichen Halbkriminellen bietet sich so die einmalige Gelegenheit, in eine Sonderausbildung die Grundlagen moderner Verbrechensbekämpfung kennenzulernen. Ihre Ausbilder: die Chaotentruppe...

France French (Français)

Police Academy 4 : Aux armes citoyens
  • a.k.a. Police Academy 4 : Aux armes citoyens

Les temps sont durs pour les jeunes recrues de l'Académie de Police de New York. Le commandant Lassard s'apprête à prendre sa retraite bien méritée. Avant de laisser sa place à un autre, il décide de lancer un étrange programme d'autodéfense baptisé « Citoyens en patrouille ».

Italy Italian (Italiano)

Scuola di polizia 4 - Cittadini in... guardia
  • a.k.a. Scuola di polizia 4 - Cittadini in... guardai

Contro il crimine dilagante, il comandante Lassard decide di addestrare cittadini volontari che collaboreranno con le forze dell'ordine. Ma la ventina di prescelti è più sgangherata dei poliziotti stessi.

Part of Police Academy Collection

Police Academy is a series of American comedy films, the first six of which were made in the 1980s. The seventh and to date last installment, Mission to Moscow, was released in 1994. The new film is scheduled for production for 2014. The series opened with Police Academy (1984) which started with the premise that a new mayor had announced a policy requiring the police department to accept all willing recruits. The movie followed a group of misfit recruits in their attempts to prove themselves capable of being police officers. The main character, Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg), was a repeat offender who was forced to join the police academy as punishment.

  • Police Academy owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 66% · 1,492

    New rules enforced by the Lady Mayoress mean that sex, weight, height and intelligence need no longer be a factor for joining the Police Force. This opens the floodgates for all and sundry to enter the Police Academy, much to the chagrin of the instructors. Not everyone is there through choice, though. Social misfit Mahoney has been forced to sign up as the only alternative to a jail sentence and it doesn't take long before he falls foul of the boorish Lieutenant Harris. But before long, Mahoney realises that he is enjoying being a police cadet and decides he wants to stay... while Harris decides he wants Mahoney out!

  • Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 59% · 840

    Officer Carey Mahoney and his cohorts have finally graduated from the Police Academy and are about to hit the streets on their first assignment. Question is, are they ready to do battle with a band of graffiti-tagging terrorists? Time will tell, but don't sell short this cheerful band of doltish boys in blue.

  • Police Academy 3: Back in Training owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 57% · 685

    When police funding is cut, the Governor announces he must close one of the academies. To make it fair, the two police academies must compete against each other to stay in operation. Mauser persuades two officers in Lassard's academy to better his odds, but things don't quite turn out as expected...

  • Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 53% · 659

    A new batch of recruits arrives at Police Academy, this time a group of civilian volunteers who have joined Commandant Lassard's new Citizens on Patrol program. Although the community relations project has strong governmental support, a disgusted Captain Harris is determined to see it fail.

  • Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 50% · 507

    The Police Academy misfits travel to Miami, Florida for their academy's commanding officer, Lassard, to receive a prestigious lifetime award pending his retirement, which takes a turn involving a group of jewel thieves after their stolen loot that Lassard unknowingly has in his possession.

  • Police Academy 6: City Under Siege owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 50% · 469

    Our favourite police men are called together to deal with a gang who rob banks and jewelers. Using their various talents as well as their extraordinary luck, the crooks stand no chance against our men and women wearing blue..

  • Police Academy: Mission to Moscow owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 44% · 478

    The Russians need help in dealing with the Mafia and so they seek help with the veterans of the Police Academy. They head off to Moscow, in order to find evidence against Konstantin Konali, who marketed a computer game that everyone in the world is playing.

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police chief
police everyday life
police headquarter
police operation
Production Countries
flag of United States of America United States of America
Production Companies
United States of America Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Dates
United States of America Theatrical PG
Australia Theatrical PG
Germany Theatrical 6
France Theatrical U
United Kingdom Theatrical 12
TMDb 53% · 660 (more information on website)
IMDb 50% · 38,887 (more information on website)
Rotten Tomatoes® (more information on website)
metacritic 26% (more information on website)


Sgt. Carey MahoneySteve Guttenberg
Sgt. Moses HightoweBubba Smith
Sgt. Larvelle JonesMichael Winslow
Claire MattsonSharon Stone
Sgt. Eugene TackleberryDavid Graf
Cadet ZedBobcat Goldthwait
Captain Thaddeus HarrisG. W. Bailey
KyleDavid Spade
SkateboarderSteve Caballero
SkateboarderTony Hawk
Officer Thomas 'House' ConklinTab Thacker
Sgt. Kathleen Kirkland-TackleberryColleen Camp
SweetchuckTim Kazurinsky
HooksMarion Ramsey
ProctorLance Kinsey
Commandant LassardGeorge Gaynes
CopelandScott Thomson
Mrs. FeldmanBillie Bird
CallahanLeslie Easterbrook
NogataBrian Tochi
ArnieBrian Backer
JudgeJack Creley
LauraCorinne Bohrer
ButterworthDerek McGrath
Commissioner HurstGeorge R. Robertson
ZackRandall 'Tex' Cobb
ToddMichael McManus
Kathleen Kirkland-TackleberryColleen Camp
Bud KirklandAndrew Paris
Mr KirklandArthur Batanides
Mrs KirklandJackie Joseph
German Police OfficialArnie Hardt
French Police OfficialFrancois Klanfer
Chinese TranslatorHarvey Chao
French TranslatorMichelle Duquet
Copeland's PartnerTed Simonett
PoetessKay Hawtrey
Man with HarmonicaSid Gould
Couple at ElevatorMegan Smith-Harris
Couple at ElevatorDon Ritchie
Party ManRummy Bishop
NurseCarolyn Scott
Warehouse CopLarry Schwartz
Hood in BalloonMichael Rhoades
Purse Snatching VictimDiane Fabian


CameraDirector of PhotographyRobert Saad
DirectingDirectorJim Drake
EditingEditorDavid Rawlins
ProductionProducerPaul Maslansky
SoundOriginal Music ComposerRobert Folk