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Grammy Award winning producer Steve McLaughlin has produced, recorded and mixed the scores for more than a hundred and fifty major feature films, including "Robin Hood", "Prince of Thieves", the "Die Hard" series, the "Lethal Weapon" series, "The Closer", "Kick Ass", the Academy Award nominated scores for "Interview With The Vampire" and "Michael Collins", and many more. Steve has collaborated with directors including Francis Coppolla, Robert Altman, Michael Mann, Brad Bird and Ridley Scott. Notable films Steve has mixed include Michael Mann’s "Heat", "Don Juan De Marco", "Batman Forever", Brad Bird’s "The Iron Giant" (winner of an Annie award for Best Music), "X-Men". A specialist in helping composers who are new to the film scoring genre and adapting rock music into underscore, Steve was the architect and producer of Badly Drawn Boy’s highly regarded score for Chris and Paul Weitz’s "About A Boy". Began his musical career as the drummer in the late 1970s punk group The Cubs. His fellow art-punkers in this scene included The Fire Engines, The Scars, and the most popular of the set, Josef K. Later moved on to join up with Scars in 1980, when their original drummer left the group. As a member of the band, he participated in the recording of the band's sole LP, and performed two songs with them on the UK music program "The Old Grey Whistle Test". The band disbanded in 1982. In late 2006, he oversaw the remastering process as the LP, entitled Author! Author!, was finally released onto CD.

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Helensburgh, Scotland, UK



DepartmentJobMovie / TV ShowGenresReleaseRating
CrewScore Engineer16 Blocks64% · 1,694
S.W.A.T.61% · 2,174
SoundMusic ProducerCollide55% · 516
I Give It a Year55% · 670
Kick-Ass71% · 10,589
X-Men70% · 10,093
Die Hard78% · 9,696
Music ProgrammerLicence to Kill63% · 1,608
Music Score ProducerJohnny English Reborn62% · 2,878
Scoring MixerJohnny English Reborn62% · 2,878
Kick-Ass71% · 10,589
S.W.A.T.61% · 2,174
X-Men70% · 10,093
Heat79% · 6,063
Die Hard: With a Vengeance72% · 5,323
Die Hard 269% · 4,998
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