Curt Swan

  • a.k.a. Douglas Curtis Swan

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Douglas Curtis 'Curt' Swan (1920-1996) was an American comics artist, most associated with Superman during the period fans call the "Silver Age" of comic books. Swan succeeded Wayne Boring and was the primary artist on Superman comics for 30 years, has probably added more history to the Superman universe than any other artist in DC history. In his three decades as the main Superman artist (1950s-1980s), Swan produced hundreds of covers and stories, and also worked on Action Comics, Jimmy Olsen, Man of Steel, Lois Lane, World's Finest and Legion of Super-Heroes features, among others. He was penciling Tommy Tomorrow, Gangbusters, and covers for Superboy. The legendary artist responsible for the creation of Nightwing, Supergirl, Titano and a slew of other popular DC characters.

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Willmar, Minnesota, USA
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