John Cho

  • a.k.a. John Yohan Cho
  • 존 조
  • 조요한
  • Cho Yo-han
  • Джон Чо
  • Τζον Τσο

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John Cho is a Korean American actor best known as playing Harold in the Harold and Kumar film series, as well as playing helmsman Hikaru Sulu in 2009's Star Trek.

Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Seoul, South Korea



CharacterMovie / TV ShowGenresReleaseRating
Daniel CaseyIdentity Thief58% · 2,279
McClaneTotal Recall59% · 3,553
Harold LeeHarold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay62% · 783
'Til DeathTV63% · 20
How I Met Your MotherTV75% · 1,160
Harvey ParkHouseTV82% · 1,105
Harold LeeHarold & Kumar Go to White Castle65% · 1,142
StudentEvolution59% · 1,157
Nightclub CleanerBowfinger60% · 428
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