Genelle Williams

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Genelle Williams (born February 18, 1984, height 5' 5" (1,65 m) ) is a Canadian actress who is best known for her roles as Kim Carlisle in Radio Free Roscoe, as DJ in The Latest Buzz, and as Leena in Warehouse 13. Initially drawn to sports and considering a career in physiotherapy, she discovered her passion for acting during a high school musical, catching the attention of a part-time actress. Her career kicked off shortly after. She gained prominence with her debut on "Radio Free Roscoe" (2002-2004), garnering national recognition. Williams is notably recognized for portraying Leena in the series "Warehouse 13."

Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Toronto, Ontario, Canada



CharacterMovie / TV ShowGenresReleaseRating
LeenaWarehouse 13TV48 Episodes77% · 608
FlashpointTV73% · 134
Terrified GalThe Incredible Hulk62% · 11,386
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