Ghosts · Season 1 18 Episodes

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NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
1x1PilotSamantha and Jay throw both caution and money to the wind when they decide to convert a rundown country estate they inherited into a bed & breakfast – only to find it’s inhabited by the many opinionated spirits of deceased residents who now call it home.
1x2Hello!When Sam thinks she’s crazy because she continues to see the ghosts of Woodstone Manor, she tries to ignore them, making them even more determined to get her to acknowledge they’re real.
1x3Viking FuneralWhen Thorfinn’s bones are discovered on the Woodstone property, he asks Sam to conduct the traditional Viking funeral he’s always wanted. However, Sam and Jay are torn when they learn that the bones could be sold to a museum for a lot of much-needed cash. Also, the ghosts conduct an election for a “ghost representative” to bring issues to Sam.
1x4Dinner PartyWhen Sam and Jay invite the nosy neighbors Henry and Margaret to a dinner party to woo them into allowing the bed and breakfast, the ghosts are desperately eager to be included on the guest list.
1x5HalloweenOn Halloween at Woodstone Mansion, the ghosts try to help Sam and Jay protect their home from the neighborhood kids who annually vandalize the house.
1x6Pete's WifePete convinces Sam to invite his living wife to the mansion, only to discover she’s been keeping a dark secret from him for many years. Also, Sassapis gets angry with Thorfinn for binge-cheating their favorite show without him, and Trevor learns he may have a daughter.
1x7Flower's ArticleWhen Sam is commissioned to write an article about Flower and her friends holding up a bank during their commune days, Flower begs Sam not to accept the job because she’s embarrassed about a part of the story she’s never revealed.
1x8D&DAfter Jay is kicked out of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with his city friends, Sam agrees to facilitate a new one between him and the ghosts. Also, Isaac confronts his feelings for Nigel, a British soldier ghost from whom he’s been keeping a gigantic secret.
1x9Alberta's FanAlberta is thrilled when a super-fan of her music visits the mansion to learn more about her. Also, Thor convinces Hetty to go on a walk with him in hopes that it will spark a special memory.
1x10PossessionHetty accidentally possesses Jay’s body just as he and Sam are to about show Woodstone Mansion to a renowned wedding planner
1x11Sam's MomSam and Jay travel to where Sam’s mother, Sheryl, died to see if she’s now a ghost. Also, Sasappis divulges a secret to his fellow ghosts that he overheard Sam and Jay discussing.
1x12Jay's SisterWhen Jay’s sister, Bela, comes to visit Sam and Jay after being dumped by her boyfriend, they’re shocked to discover that she’s communicating with someone they know on a dating app.
1x13The VaultJust as Sam and Jay are set to host a friend’s wedding that could get their B&B business off the ground, the ghost of Hetty’s husband, Elias Woodstone, tries to ruin it.
1x14GhostwriterWhen Sasappis offers to help Sam complete the B&B website so they can start taking reservations, they butt heads over the creative direction. Also, Pete bonds with Jay over basketball until Jay makes a new living friend, and Flower attempts to be Pete’s new basketball buddy.
1x15ThorapyWhen Sam and Jay have the ghosts bunk together to free up rooms for guests at the B&B, they learn that Thorfinn has been having night terrors, which inspires Sam to enlist a therapist to help him. Also, Isaac makes a big, personal revelation after he’s compelled to seduce his new roommate, Hetty.
1x16Trevor's PantsThe secret about Trevor’s missing pants is finally revealed when his wealthy former friend comes to Woodstone Mansion to buy the timepiece Sam and Jay found on Elias Woodstone’s corpse. Also, Thor decides to tell Flower how he feels about her.
1x17Attic GirlAn ‘80s “mean girl” ghost named Stephanie, who died on her prom night, is awakened in the attic, triggering Sam to confront what happened on her own prom night. Also, Alberta discovers she has another special gift.
1x18Farnsby & BAs Sam and Jay await the arrival of their first official B&B guests, they face obstacles triggered by a Norse curse placed upon them by Thorfinn. Also, Isaac takes a huge, centuries-in-the-making step in his personal life.


Samantha ArondekarRose McIver
Jay ArondekarUtkarsh Ambudkar
Isaac HiggintootBrandon Scott Jones
Alberta HaynesDanielle Pinnock
Pete MartinoRichie Moriarty
Trevor LefkowitzAsher Grodman
Hetty WoodstoneRebecca Wisocky
FlowerSheila Carrasco
ThorfinnDevan Chandler Long
SasappisRomán Zaragoza


ArtArt DirectionPhilipe Perrier
Construction CoordinatorAlain Brochu
Production DesignZoe Sakellaropoulo
Property MasterMarc C. De Léry
Costume & Make-UpCostume DesignCarmen Alie
Hair Department HeadGillian Chandler
Makeup Department HeadJean Scarabin
CrewTransportation CoordinatorDaniel Boudreau
LightingChief Lighting TechnicianPaul Viau
ProductionAssistant Production CoordinatorSean Traer
CastingAndrea Kenyon
Elizabeth Barnes
Randi Wells
Tannis Vallely
Casting AssociateJonathan Avila
Co-Executive ProducerJohn Blickstead
Josh Malmuth
Trey Kollmer
Co-ProducerElissa Lewis
Executive ProducerAlison Carpenter
Alison Owen
Angie Stephenson
Ben Willbond
Debra Hayward
Jim Howick
Joe Port
Joe Wiseman
Laurence Rickard
Martha Howe-Douglas
Mathew Baynton
Simon Farnaby
Location ManagerPatrick Goulet
ProducerIrene Litinsky
Jim Kontos
Kira Kalush
Talia Bernstein
Production AccountantGuy Aumond
Production CoordinatorShane Tanny
Unit ManagerMarco Légaré
Unit Production ManagerYves Desjardins
SoundMusic EditorJoe Deveau
Music SupervisorBilly Gottlieb
Original Music ComposerJeff Cardoni
Sound MixerDavid Gertsman
Supervising Sound EditorPaul Col
Visual EffectsVisual Effects ProducerMaria Saade
Visual Effects SupervisorSimon Devault