Not Going Out · Series 11 5 Episodes

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NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
11x1Small PackageSocial niceties are stretched to snapping point when Lee and Lucy take in a package for their neighbour and inadvertently discover that it contains an embarrassing object that Lee now has to return. That proves to be easier said than done.
11x2Pub QuizTo celebrate their anniversary, Lee and Lucy plan a friendly night of quizzing with Toby and Anna in their local pub, but the evening is derailed when neither couple can bear to lose to their partners and the foursome splits into rival teams.
11x3CarolWhen Lee's feckless dad, Frank, announces his engagement, Lee cannot believe that any woman would want to marry him and sets out to find out exactly what is wrong with her.
11x4Old AcquaintanceWhen Lee joins Facebook for the first time and makes contact with an ex-girlfriend from twenty years ago, Lucy is less than pleased.
11x5WarA family visit to the World War Two war graves in Normandy unearths a piece of family history that is best left buried.


FrankBobby Ball
LeeLee Mack
Geoffrey AdamsGeoffrey Whitehead
AnnaAbigail Cruttenden
TobyHugh Dennis
Lucy AdamsSally Bretton
Wendy AdamsDeborah Grant