Not Going Out · Season 13 7 Episodes

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13x1Italian LessonsWhen Lee and Lucy are asked to cover for Anna on more than one occasion, so that she can go out at night and have secret Italian lessons, they suspect the worst – that she is having an affair. Lee decides that it is up to him to tell Toby that his marriage is in jeopardy and sets about finding the evidence.
13x2HospitalLee's lifestyle catches up on him and he is forced to wait on a hospital ward for routine surgery on his gallbladder until his blood pressure comes down. But visits from the parents-in-law and Anna and Toby, who arrive to ask him a question he doesn't want to hear, ensure that his stress levels remain dangerously high.
13x3Day OutTo take advantage of three free tickets to Adventure Canyon Theme Park, Lee takes Mollie out of school for a day and gets into trouble with the new head teacher, Miss Anstis. Now all he has to do is think of an excuse to justify Mollie's absence. What could be simpler than a trip to the dentist?
13x4CoffinLee wakes up inside a coffin and can't remember how he got there, until a phone call from Lucy reminds him what he’d been doing that afternoon. Now all he needs to do is keep Lucy in the dark as to his exact location and work out how to escape.
13x5TrainIt’s Lucy's birthday. To celebrate, Geoffrey and Wendy take Lee, Lucy, Toby and Anna for a trip on a vintage steam train. But Lee's decision to play Poirot when a stranger turns up unannounced in their carriage risks Lucy’s special day being ruined.
13x6BeepLucy has cooked a special meal so that she and Lee can spend an evening in without distractions to talk about the state of their marriage. But Lee is obsessed with a beeping noise in the house that he can’t find, and the food is soon forgotten.
13x7FootballWhen Lee goes to watch Benji playing football for a local under-13 team, he is unable to restrain himself on the touchline and becomes the competitive dad that all other parents want to avoid. Undaunted by the disapproval of Toby, who coaches the team, Lee sets about rigging the vote for the player of the year.


LeeLee Mack
Lucy AdamsSally Bretton