Bones · Specials 47 Episodes

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NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
Sx1Player Under Pressure (original version)This episode was originally supposed to air on 4/18/07, but was postponed a year due to the tragic events at Virgina Tech. As a result scenes were changed to fit in season 3 and are restored in this version.
Sx2Bones: Access All AreasBehind the scenes of Bones
Sx3Squints - Season 1
Sx4The Real Definition
Sx5Bones - Inspired By The Life Of Forensic Anthropologist And Author Kathy Reichs
Sx6The Memories In The Season 2
Sx7Visceral Effects: The Digital Illusions Of Bones
Sx8Deleted Scenes From Season 2With optional commentary by executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan.
Sx9Gag Reel - Season 2
Sx10S03E08: The Knight on the Grid (Extended Version)
Sx11S03E09: The Santa in the Slush - Extended Kiss Scene
Sx12S03E12: The Baby in the Bough (Extended Version)
Sx13Gag Reel - Season 3
Sx14The Director's Take: The Vault
Sx15The Director's Take: Making Of The Body
Sx16The Director's Take: Car Crash-Exploding Van
Sx17The Director's Take: Squints - Season 3
Sx18The Director's Take: The Angelator
Sx19Gag Reel - Season 4
Sx20Androgyny: Playing Haru Tanaka
Sx21Squints In Training
Sx22The 100th Episode with Director David Boreanaz
Sx23Gag Reel - Season 5
Sx24The Bodies of Bones Featurette
Sx25The Nunchuck Way Featurette
Sx26Breaking Down: The Blackout in the Blizzard
Sx27Gag Reel - Season 6
Sx28Visual Effects Of Bones
Sx29Creating: The Suit On The Set
Sx30Bone Of ContentionInterview on the red carpet with Angela Montenegro and Dr. Jack Hodgins
Sx31Gag Reel - Season 7
Sx32Dying To Know: Bones Answers Your Questions
Sx33Who's The Biggest Bones Fan?
Sx34Gag Reel - Season 8
Sx35Walking the Aisle - Bones Style
Sx36Deleted Scene From Season 9 - Episode 12 & 13
Sx37Deleted Scene From Season 9 - Episode 15 & 18
Sx38Bones at Comic-Con
Sx39Gag Reel - Season 9
Sx40Sweets' Sweetest Moments
Sx41From Script To Screen: Creating The 200th Episode
Sx42Deleted Scenes From Season 10
Sx43Gag Reel - Season 10
Sx44Deleted Scenes from Season 11
Sx45Gag Reel - Season 11
Sx46Back To The Lab - A Bones Retrospective
Sx47Gag Reel - Season 12


Temperance 'Bones' BrennanEmily Deschanel
Seeley BoothDavid Boreanaz
Angela MontenegroMichaela Conlin
Camille SaroyanTamara Taylor
Jack HodginsT.J. Thyne


ArtProperty MasterIan Scheibel
DirectingScript SupervisorBillie L. Mayer
ProductionCastingRick Millikan
Executive ProducerBarry Josephson
Hart Hanson
ProducerKathy Reichs
SoundTheme Song PerformanceKen Jordan
Scott Kirkland