A Bit of Fry and Laurie · Series 1 6 Episodes

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NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
1x1Episode OneSketches include "Mr. Smear Confronts the Headmaster," "Hugh Laurie's Short Poetry Reading," "Politician Insists, 'Stop Breaking into My Car," "SAS Application/Library Books on Cricketers," "Spoon Bender," "Apology," and a barbershop piece called "Bitch Mother Come Light My Bottom" by Sir William (now Lord) Rees-Mogg.
1x2Episode TwoSketches include: "Information Desk," "My Name is Derek Nippl-e," "Flexibility of the English Language," America, "The Richard Morley Interview," "Tony Gives Control a Flash," "The Mouth Organist Gets Reprimanded," "Hands Exercise," and "Peter and John."
1x3Episode ThreeIncludes: * Hugh's Brain * Gordon and Stuart Eat Greek (2nd Gordon & Stuart) * Costume Design * Doctor Tobacco * Open University * Spies Two (2nd Control & Tony) * Special Squad
1x4Episode FourIncludes: * Trouser-Competition Introduction * Prize Poem * Awful Smell (Stole My Sketch 1) * Madness * Antique Shop (Stole My Sketch 2) * Spies Three (3rd Control & Tony) * Light Metal (The Bishop & The Warlord) (song) * Bank Loan * Nipples * Inspector Venice (Stole My Sketch 3) * Tomorrow's World
1x5Episode FiveIncludes: * Lavatories * Critics One * Judge Not * Critics Four * Ignored Teacher * That's It (Silhouettes 1) * Hugh's Favourite Sketch * Critics (heavily edited mixture between Critics Two and Critics Three) * The "Burt" * Christening * Swiss Comedy (Heidi and Johann Smell Just Right)
1x6Episode SixIncludes: * Marjorie's Fall * Puppy Appeal * Leave It Out (Silhouettes 2) * Girlfriend's Breasts * Spies Four (4th Control & Tony) * Violence * Chicken * Cocoa * Tony of Plymouth (Sword Fight)



ProductionProducerJon Plowman