A Bit of Fry and Laurie · Series 4 7 Episodes

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NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
4x1Episode OneSketches include ""Gray and Hopeless,"" ""Guest Movements,"" ""Theme Vox Pops,"" ""Blame the System,"" ""The Comedy Charter,"" ""Writing Poetry,"" Smell: The Forgotten Sense?, ""Gordon's Unintelligible Song,"" ""Wrist Changer Commercial,"" and It's A Soaraway Life. The guests order a Golden Meteorite cocktail.
4x2Episode TwoSketches include ""Hugh's Accident,"" ""Psychotherapy Video,"" Local News at Ten Thirty Three and a Bit, English People Care to be the Most Ignorant in Europe, I'm In Love With Steffi Graf, ""The Lover's Helper,"" ""Fascism Discussion,"" ""Max Meets Fiona,"" and ""Heart Transplant."" The guests order a Long Confident Suck cocktail.
4x3Episode ThreeIncludes: * Vox Pops * Guests Introduction * Barman * Interruptus * Little Girl (song) * Making Tea * For Some Reason Angry * Don't Be Dirty * Cocktail Ending: South Seas Vulvic Wart
4x4Episode FourIncludes: * Good Evening * Guests Introduction * Soccer School * Dalliard: Models * Hugh Interviewing Guests * Be Nice (song) * Head Gardener * Gelliant Gutfright("Flowers For Wendy") * Cocktail Ending: A Quick One With You, Stephen
4x5Episode FiveSketches include ""The Louella Della Tweed Interview,"" ""The Post-Race Interview,"" ""Hearing on Councilman Wade,"" ""It's Red, It's Shiny and It Doesn't Exist,"" ""Telephone Quiz Line,"" ""Dachshund Owner's Baby Talk,"" ""Wasp Exterminators."" Moore and Law order a swinging ball sack cocktail.
4x6Episode SixIncludes: * Stolen Money * Young Tory of the Year * Variety * Gossiping Heads * Death Threat * What I Mind (Misunderstood) (Song) * Honda * The Duke of Northampton * Cocktail Ending: Silver Prostate
4x7Episode SevenIncludes: * Guests Introduction * Religianto * Consent * Sophisticated Song (song) * Fast Monologue * Telephone Alert * Truancy * Cocktail Ending: A Modern Britain



ProductionProducerJon Plowman