That '70s Show · Episode 2x9 'Eric Gets Suspended'

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Donna is acting out over her parents' break up and takes up smoking. Eric gets caught holding one of her cigarettes in the school yard and is suspended. Even though Eric tries explaining what really happened, Red punishes him. Fez and Hyde go on a double date, set up by Fez's host parents; Hyde can't decide which girl he likes better. Jackie and Kelso argue over how many stuffed animals she can have in his van.

Germany German (Deutsch)

Blauer Dunst

France French (Français)

Éric se fait virer

Red voit rouge quand Eric est renvoyé de l'école pour avoir été surpris avec une cigarette à la main.

First Aired
TMDb 67% · 6 (more information on website)
IMDb 77% · 324 (more information on website)


Eric FormanTopher Grace
Jackie BurkhartMila Kunis
Michael KelsoAshton Kutcher
Steven HydeDanny Masterson
Donna PinciottiLaura Prepon
FezWilmer Valderrama
Kitty FormanDebra Jo Rupp
Red FormanKurtwood Smith
Midge PinciottiTanya Roberts
Bob PinciottiDon Stark
Laurie FormanLisa Robin Kelly

Guest Stars

Mr. BrownbergJeff Austin
PattyLindsay Sloane
MaryMelissa Joan Hart
Admissions OfficerThomas Weber


DirectingDirectorDavid Trainer