That '70s Show · Episode 7x11 'Winter'

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Kelso gives the toys from the Toy Drive to the gang, leaving Kitty with no toys for the kids at the Ladies of Point Place Christmas Party. Jackie is upset that Hyde won't go to the party with her, making her think that he's not as mature as she thought he was. The guys have to come up with a way to get the toys to the party without the kids seeing them being brought in, and Red distracts everyone with an unusual Christmas story.

Germany German (Deutsch)

Geschenke für die Falschen

France French (Français)

L'Arbre de Noël

Kelso vole les jouets que Kitty destinait à offrir à une association. Par conséquent, les garçons tentent de les renvoyer à leurs destinataires sans que Kitty ne le remarque. Jackie trouve Hyde immature parce qu'il refuse de se rendre à une fête en sa compagnie. Enfin, Red distrait les enfants en leur racontant une étrange histoire.

First Aired
TMDb 74% · 5 (more information on website)
IMDb 75% · 517 (more information on website)


Eric FormanTopher Grace
Jackie BurkhartMila Kunis
Michael KelsoAshton Kutcher
Steven HydeDanny Masterson
Donna PinciottiLaura Prepon
FezWilmer Valderrama
Kitty FormanDebra Jo Rupp
Red FormanKurtwood Smith
Bob PinciottiDon Stark

Guest Stars

Patty RyalsCarolyn Hennesy
WomanMyra Turley
BoyJordan Orr


DirectingDirectorDavid Trainer