Angie Tribeca · Season 1 10 Episodes

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In season one, Angie Tribeca is a lone-wolf detective who is none too happy when partnered with J Geils. Together, they work together to investigate the most serious cases, from the murder of a ventriloquist to a rash of baker suicides.


NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
1x1PilotAngie Tribeca is assigned a new partner, Jay Geils, to find the mayor's blackmailer and bring him to justice.
1x2The Wedding Planner Did ItTribeca tracks down a baker's murderer before anyone else gets hurt.
1x3The Famous Ventriloquist Did ItTribeca delves into the salacious world of American ventriloquism to investigate a murder.
1x4The Thumb AffairTribeca and Geils search high and low for a missing priceless work of art.
1x5Commissioner BigfishTribeca and Geils poke around into a prostitution ring, but the lieutenant is afraid of what they might uncover and orders them to stop.
1x6Ferret RoyaleIllegal pet ferrets are leaking into California, so Tribeca and Geils follow a trail that leads them to a high stakes poker game.
1x7Tribeca's Day OffOrdered to take a day off, Tribeca dabbles in civilian life, while Tanner and Geils solve a murder on a golf course.
1x8Murder in the First ClassAnother dead passenger arrives at LAX, so the gang goes undercover aboard an airplane to catch the killer in the act.
1x9Inside ManA band of British gangsters robs another bank, and after Tribeca and Geils infiltrate the gang, they somehow get stuck in prison.
1x10The One with the BombTribeca will stop at nothing to save a kidnapped Geils before time runs out.


Angie TribecaRashida Jones
Chet AtkinsJere Burns
DJ TannerDeon Cole
Monica SchollsAndree Vermeulen
Jay GeilsHayes MacArthur
Singing girl (1 episode)Kira McLean