Movie 'Non c'è due senza quattro' (Double Trouble)

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Billionaire cousins Bastiano (Terence Hill) and Antonio (Bud Spencer) are two savvy businessmen, at least in one regard. They want to close a large deal, although they have to fear for their lives because of it since their competition won't even stop at murder. Therefore they have an agency find two look-alikes from the United States, stuntman Elliot Vance (Terence Hill) and the jazz saxophonist Greg Wonder (Bud Spencer). These accept the job offer, initially not knowing why they really have been hired. Nonetheless Elliot and Greg manage to fight their way through all kinds of situations without too much trouble. Additionally they quickly come to like the jet-set life. The resulting damage to their reputation provokes the Coimbras to return to Rio ahead of time. This puts them right into the sights of their enemies, alongside the cousins' look-alikes.

Canada English

  • a.k.a. Not Two, But Four

Germany German (Deutsch)

Vier Fäuste gegen Rio

Die beiden milliardenschweren Vetter Sebastiano und Antonio Coimbra wollen erneut ein Wahnsinnsgeschäft abschließen. Jedoch bangen die versnobten Geschäftsmänner aus Rio de Janeiro um ihr Leben, denn die Konkurrenz schreckt auch vor Mord nicht zurück. Kurzerhand engagieren sie mit dem Stuntman Elliot und dem bärbeißigen Jazz-Saxophonisten Greg für je eine Million Dollar zwei schlagkräftige Doppelgänger. Diese finden jedoch trotz aller Gefahren schnell Gefallen am Jet-Set-Leben – und warum sollten sie eigentlich auf ihren neu “erworbenen” Reichtum wieder verzichten?

France French (Français)

Attention les dégâts
  • a.k.a. Attention les dégâts

Pour une grosse somme d'argent, un cascadeur et un musicien usurpent l'identité de leurs sosies respectifs, des businessemans originaires d'Amérique du Sud.

Italy Italian (Italiano)

Non c'è due senza quattro

Un ex galeotto in libertà vigilata, che suona il sax in un'orchestrina di jazz, e uno stuntman appassionato di windsurf, vengono entrambi assoldati per sostituirsi a due cugini brasiliani che sono stati più volte minacciati. Pugni, botte, prodezze esagerate e capitomboli a più non posso.

Release Date
dual identity
mistake in person
rio de janeiro
secret identity
Italian (Italiano)
Portuguese (Português)
Production Countries
flag of Italy Italy
Production Companies
Trans-Cinema TV
Release Dates
Germany Theatrical 12
Italy Theatrical
France Physical
TMDb 69% · 290 (more information on website)
IMDb 72% · 8,548 (more information on website)


Sebastiano Coímbra / Elliot VanceTerence Hill
Antonio Coímbra / Greg WonderBud Spencer
Olympia ChavezApril Clough
Managing director of the 'double agency'Harold Bergman
Officier de policeC.V. Wood Jr.
Van der Bosch, Chef des mercenairesDary Reis
Don TangoNello Pazzafini
BernardoJosé Van de Kamp
Ángel DuarteFernando Amaral
NadiñoRoberto Roney
VinicioAthayde Arcoverde
Boss of Don TangoClaudioney Penedo
Doctor Albert von EisenburgDennis Bourke
Tango's Thug / Mercenary (uncredited)Giancarlo Bastianoni
Tango's Thug / Mercenary (uncredited)Franco Sattamini
Tango's Thug / Mercenary (uncredited)Sergio Smacchi
Tango's Thug (uncredited)Franco Ukmar


ArtArt DirectionJorge Moreira
Construction ManagerRobert MacNamara
Production DesignJorge Moreira
CameraDirector of PhotographySilvano Ippoliti
Costume & Make-UpCostume DesignCelia Menezes
Luciano Sagoni
Makeup ArtistMário Lúcio
CrewCinematographyHélio Silva
DirectingAssistant DirectorCarlos Couto
Peter Gold
DirectorEnzo Barboni
Script CoordinatorPaul Costello
EditingEditorPhilip Edwards
ProductionExecutive Co-ProducerVictor Roma
ProducerVittorio Galiano
Production ManagerVittorio Galiano
Production SecretaryAndre Filho
Production SupervisorMax Viller
Paulo Fernando Pijnappel
SoundOriginal Music ComposerFranco Micalizzi