Brian Tyler

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Brian Tyler is an American composer, producer, conductor, and film producer most known for his scores for motion pictures and video games. He is signed with Sony Music as a songwriter. He was nominated for Film Composer of the Year by the International Film Music Critics Association. In 2010 Tyler was inducted into the music branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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DepartmentJobMovie / TV ShowGenresReleaseRating
SoundMusicPower Rangers63% · 3,366
Now You See Me 268% · 8,323
Hawaii Five-0TV2 Episodes71% · 631
Original Music ComposerCharlie's Angels67% · 1,712
The Mummy55% · 5,467
Avengers: Age of Ultron73% · 16,832
Thor: The Dark World66% · 12,642
Now You See Me74% · 12,030
Iron Man 369% · 16,879
The Expendables 262% · 5,002
Fast Five72% · 5,600
Battle: Los Angeles57% · 2,495
The Expendables61% · 5,640
Eagle Eye64% · 1,988
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