TV Show 'Star Trek: Enterprise' 4 Seasons

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The future is closer than you think.

During the mid-22nd century, a century before Captain Kirk's five-year mission, Jonathan Archer captains the United Earth ship Enterprise during the early years of Starfleet, leading up to the Earth-Romulan War and the formation of the Federation.

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Die fünfte Star Trek-Serie handelt von den ersten Abenteuern der Menschheit im Weltall. Sie spielt rund 100 Jahre vor Captain James T. Kirk nämlich im 22. Jahrhundert. Die Menschheit hat mit den Vulkaniern einen Partner für die Weltraumforschung gefunden. Captain Jonathan Archer dringt mit seiner Mannschaft vor, wo noch nie ein Mensch zuvor gewesen ist.

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Star Trek : Enterprise

Au XXIIième siècle (de 2151 à 2161), avant l'existence de la Fédération, le capitaine Jonathan Archer reçoit le commandement de l’Enterprise (NX-01), premier vaisseau spatial humain équipé de la Distorsion 5 et envoyé par Starfleet pour explorer la galaxie.

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Star Trek: Enterprise è una serie di fantascienza americana, ambientata 100 anni prima della serie originale di Star Trek, che descrive i primi viaggi fuori dal sistema solare della razza umana, con la prima nave stellare Enterprise, un prototipo sperimentale, comandata dal capitano Jonathan Archer. E' composta di 4 stagioni, filmate dal 2001 al 2005

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NumberOverview#EpisodesAir Date
Season 1Captain Jonathan Archer, son of the warp engine pioneer Henry, assembles a crew and takes the new starship Enterprise out into the heavens.25
Season 2In one short year, Jonathan Archer, captain of the starship Enterprise NX-01, has made a name for himself and his crew, both with his Starfleet superiors and perhaps less favorably with mankind's alien neighbors.26
Season 324
Season 422


Jonathan ArcherScott Bakula
T'PolJolene Blalock
Charles 'Trip' Tucker IIIConnor Trinneer
PhloxJohn Billingsley
Malcolm ReedDominic Keating
Hoshi SatoLinda Park
Travis MayweatherAnthony Montgomery

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ArtProduction DesignHerman F. Zimmerman
CrewStunt CoordinatorVince Deadrick Jr.
ProductionProducerBrannon Braga
John Shiban
Manny Coto
Merri D. Howard
Michael Sussman
Rick Berman