Movie 'Striking Distance'

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They shouldn't have put him in the water, if they didn't want him to make waves.

Coming from a police family, Tom Hardy ends up fighting his uncle after the murder of his father. Tom believes the killer is another cop, and goes on the record with his allegations. Demoted to water-way duty Tom, along with new partner Jo Christman, navigate the three rivers looking for clues and discovering bodies. This time the victims are women Tom knows, he must find the killer to prove his innocence.

United States of America English

  • a.k.a. Three Rivers working title

Canada English

  • a.k.a. Sur les traces de l'ennemi français canadien

Germany German (Deutsch)

Tödliche Nähe

Der Frauenmörder von Pittsburgh ist gefaßt. Bürger und Polizei atmen auf. Doch Officer Hardy vom Morddezernat hat seine eigene Theorie: Der Falsche sitzt hinter Gittern, der Serienkiller muß, nach allen Indizien, ein Cop sein! Hardy, der Cop mit der großen Klappe, wird zur Wasserschutzpolizei strafversetzt. Zwei Jahre vergehen, bis erneut reihenweise junge Frauen in Pittsburgh bestialisch ermordet werden. Stets in Hardys Revier, alles Mädchen aus seinem engsten Umfeld.

France French (Français)

Piège en eaux troubles

Tom Hardy et son père, tous deux dans la police, repèrent un soir un serial killer qui accumule les victimes. La poursuite se termine mal et le père de Tom est tué. Tom declare alors que le tueur fait partie de la police.

Italy Italian (Italiano)

Impatto imminente

Figlio di un poliziotto ucciso, uno sbirro turbolento dà la caccia all'assassino di papà mentre un serial killer gli elimina man mano le sue ex fidanzate. Con un livello di simpatia nettamente inferiore alla sua media, B. Willis si barcamena in questo poliziesco di ordinaria violenza urbana.

Release Date
homicide detective
philadelphia, pennsylvania
serial killer
Production Countries
flag of United States of America United States of America
Production Companies
United States of America Columbia Pictures
Arnon Milchan Productions
Release Dates
United States of America Theatrical R
France Theatrical
Australia Theatrical M
Germany Theatrical 16
United Kingdom Theatrical 18
France Physical VHS
France Physical DVD
France Physical Blu-Ray
France Digital VOD
France Digital 12 Netflix
TMDb 58% · 600 (more information on website)
IMDb 59% · 41,651 (more information on website)
Rotten Tomatoes® 17% (more information on website)
metacritic 36% (more information on website)


Det. Tom HardyBruce Willis
Jo ChristmanSarah Jessica Parker
Capt. Nick DetilloDennis Farina
Det. Danny DetilloTom Sizemore
Det. Eddie EilerBrion James
Det. Jimmy DetilloRobert Pastorelli
Tony SaccoTimothy Busfield
Lt. Vince HardyJohn Mahoney
Dist. Atty. Frank MorrisAndre Braugher
Sgt. Fred HardyTom Atkins
DispatcherJeffrey J. Stephen
Captain PendermanMike Hodge
Kim LeeJodi Long
SidRoscoe Orman
KesserRobert Gould
Chick ChicanisGareth Williams


CameraDirector of PhotographyMac Ahlberg
Costume & Make-UpMakeup ArtistScott H. Eddo
CrewStuntsDave Lowry
DirectingDirectorRowdy Herrington
EditingEditorPasquale Buba
ProductionProducerArnon Milchan
Marty Kaplan
SoundOriginal Music ComposerBrad Fiedel