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What if your dad was Santa Claus?

Scott Calvin is an ordinary man, who accidentally causes Santa Claus to fall from his roof on Christmas Eve and is knocked unconscious. When he and his young son finish Santa's trip and deliveries, they go to the North Pole, where Scott learns he must become the new Santa and convince those he loves that he is indeed, Father Christmas.

United States of America English

  • a.k.a. The Santa Clause 1 series title

Germany German (Deutsch)

Santa Clause - Eine schöne Bescherung

Familienvater Scott Calvin gerät am Heiligabend in eine unerwartete Zwangslage: der Weihnachtsmann ist soeben von Scotts Dach gefallen und liegt bewußtlos im Schnee: Ausgerechnet er soll ihn nun vertreten. Doch mit dem Anziehen des Kostüms verwandelt sich Scott allmählich selbst zum echten Weihnachtsmann. Er wird zusehends dicker, und sein Bartwuchs ist nicht zu stoppen. Bald begreift er, welche Konsequenzen auf ihn zukommen... Sein Sohn findet das super, doch die Erwachsenen reagieren verständnislos.

France French (Français)

Super Noël

Scott Calvin, un père entretenant des rapports difficiles avec son fils Charlie qu'il ne voit plus qu'épisodiquement, est témoin de l'accident dont est victime le Père Noël. Scott, d'abord étonné mais surtout réticent, accepte d'assurer ce qu'il croit être un intérim incluant la distribution de cadeaux. Un elfe du Père Noël, Bernard, apprend alors à Scott que ce dernier est officiellement devenu le Père Noël.

Italy Italian (Italiano)

Santa Clause

Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) è un padre divorziato con un figlio, Charlie (Eric Lloyd). La notte di Natale, vengono svegliati da un rumore sul tetto. Uscito per scoprire cosa fosse successo, Scott vede un uomo sul tetto, e urlando gli intima di allontanarsi dalla sua abitazione. Così facendo però fa scivolare l'uomo che cade a terra. L'uomo defunto sembra essere Babbo Natale, che sparisce liquefacendosi e lasciando a terra solamente il vestito e il biglietto da visita. Il biglietto non è altro che un contratto che dichiara che se fosse successo qualcosa a Babbo Natale chi ha provocato il danno avrebbe dovuto mettersi il vestito e continuare da dove Santa Claus aveva lasciato. Sopra il tetto scoprono addirittura delle renne. Scott per accontentare il figlio, mette il vestito di Babbo Natale e inizia a trasportare doni di tetto in tetto.

Part of The Santa Clause Collection

The Santa Clause is a 1994 American fantasy comedy film starring Tim Allen as Scott Calvin who must become Santa after accidentally causing Santa to fall to his death per the "Santa Clause". The film was followed by two sequels, The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause (2002) and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006). The "Mrs. Clause" stipulates that only married men can become Santa; should a single man be subject to the "Santa Clause" he must find a bride within eight years of his first assuming the new job as Santa. The "Escape Clause" stipulates if Santa holds a globe and says "I wish I'd never been Santa at all" will send him back in time and undoing his career as Santa. Jack Frost arrives and is in trouble and tries to trick Santa into renouncing his position.

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    • Rating: 64% · 1,382

    Scott Calvin is an ordinary man, who accidentally causes Santa Claus to fall from his roof on Christmas Eve and is knocked unconscious. When he and his young son finish Santa's trip and deliveries, they go to the North Pole, where Scott learns he must become the new Santa and convince those he loves that he is indeed, Father Christmas.

  • The Santa Clause 2 owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 58% · 899

    Better watch out! The big guy in red is coming to town once again. This time, Scott Calvin -- also known as Santa Claus -- finds out there's an obscure clause in his contract requiring him to take on a wife. He has to leave the North Pole to fulfill his obligations, or else he'll be forced to give up his Yuletide gig.

  • The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 54% · 724

    Now that Santa and Mrs. Claus have the North Pole running smoothly, the Counsel of Legendary Figures has called an emergency meeting on Christmas Eve! The evil Jack Frost has been making trouble, looking to take over the holiday! So he launches a plan to sabotage the toy factory and compel Scott to invoke the little-known Escape Clause and wish he'd never become Santa.

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United States of America Walt Disney Pictures
United States of America Hollywood Pictures
United States of America Outlaw Productions
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United States of America English: Theatrical PG
Australia English: Theatrical G
Germany Theatrical 0
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TMDb 64% · 1,383 (more information on website)
IMDb 65% · 100,950 (more information on website)
Rotten Tomatoes® 72% (more information on website)
metacritic 57% (more information on website)


Scott CalvinTim Allen
NeilJudge Reinhold
LauraWendy Crewson
CharlieEric Lloyd
BernardDavid Krumholtz
Detective NunzioLarry Brandenburg
Ms. DanielsMary Gross
Judy the ElfPaige Tamada
Mr. WhittlePeter Boyle
Susan PerryJudith Scott
Judy the WaitressJayne Eastwood
Little GirlMelissa King
Elf at North PoleBradley Wentworth
Elf in HangarAzura Bates
Elf-LarryJoshua Satok
BobbyZachary McLemore
Principal ComptonJoyce Guy
Kid TwoLindsay Lupien
Kid ThreeAlexandra Petrocci
Ad ExecutiveJesse Collins
WaiterDavid-Paul Grove
Dr. NovosSteve Vinovich
RuthAimee McIntyre
Ballet GirlTabitha Lupien
Fax KidLachlan Murdoch
MailmanDennis O'Connor
Bobby's DadDavid Sparrow
JudgeRon Hartmann
QuintinNic Knight
MaloneScott Wickware
NewmanGene Mack
Elf OneBrett Moon
Elf TwoRyan Moon
Santa in StreetJack Newman
Officer #1Michael Caruana
Child OneMicha Jackson
Child TwoCody Jones
E.L.F.S. LeaderKenny Vadas
Tinsel ManBrian Reilly
Desk SergeantGordon Masten
SharpshooterPhilip Williams
FiremanChris Benson
VeronicaLaura Catalano
Japanese BusinessmanPeter Kosaka
E.L.F.S. #2Ivanka Kotalto
E.L.F.S. #3Todd Davis
E.L.F.S. #4Marc Pichette
Santa #6John Pasquin
Coffee CopTony Krolo
NeighbourAlec Bachlow
Truck DriverJimmy Labriola
Japanese BusinessmanSteve Kosaka
Japanese BusinessmanLawrence Nakamura
Japanese BusinessmanHun Sun Tran
Japanese BusinessmanSteve Tsukamoto
Reindeer Voices (voice)Frank Welker
Reindeer Voices (voice)Kerrigan Mahan
Puppet Punch (voice)Bob Dermer
Puppet Judy (voice)Nina Keogh
Elf at North Pole (uncredited)Zayna Aston
Drummer (uncredited)Bruce Philp
Police Officer (uncredited)Ken Wyke


ArtArt DirectionJames McAteer
Production DesignCarol Spier
Set DecorationElinor Rose Galbraith
CameraCamera OperatorKenneth J. Withers
Director of PhotographyWalt Lloyd
Costume & Make-UpAssistant HairstylistCarol Marinoff
Costume DesignCarol Ramsey
Makeup ArtistInge Klaudi
Special Effects Key Makeup ArtistSean Sansom
Special Effects Makeup ArtistTom Woodruff Jr.
CrewPost Production SupervisorPamela Reis
StuntsDanny Lima
Randy Butcher
DirectingDirectorJohn Pasquin
First Assistant DirectorWilliam M. Elvin
Second Assistant DirectorAlan Edmisten
Michael Johnson
EditingEditorLarry Bock
ProductionAssociate ProducerJennifer Graham Billings
Susan E. Novick
CastingRenee Rousselot
Co-ProducerCaroline Baron
William W. Wilson III
Executive ProducerJames Miller
Richard Baker
Rick Messina
ProducerBrian Reilly
Jeffrey Silver
Robert F. Newmyer
Unit Production ManagerCaroline Baron
Christopher J. Danton
SoundFoley ArtistTerry Burke
Original Music ComposerMichael Convertino
Sound EditorKeith Bilderbeck
Noah Blough
Yann Delpuech
Visual EffectsDigital Effects ProducerElissa Bello