Elizabeth Davidovich

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Elizabeth Davidovich is the daughter of immigrant entrepreneurs, growing up in her parents' gym and beginning her career as a performer at the age of 3. She grew to develop an avid interest in both visual as well as performing arts, choosing Rhythmic Gymnastics as the perfect balance between sport and art. She competed on a national and international level until the age of 19, taught gymnastics and dance for 12 years at eight different venues, started several after-school dance programs, produced her first film projects as documentaries based on her dance programs, co-founded You Are Here Productions and got deeply involved in the independent film community. She secured a production internship in the Film/Media/Broadcast Television department at Georgia Public Broadcasting, then an internship as an Assistant Director with Mecca Motion Pictures, and participated in dozens of passion projects before finding her passion for stunt work in 2005 .. again as the perfect balance of sport and art.




CharacterMovie / TV ShowGenresReleaseRating
Monroe County (uncredited)Baby Driver75% · 15,298


DepartmentJobMovie / TV ShowGenresReleaseRating
CrewStunt DoubleThe Boss58% · 1,292
Prisoners81% · 11,395
Fast Five72% · 7,958
StuntsShazam! Fury of the Gods66% · 2,920
Spider-Man: Homecoming73% · 21,300
Baby Driver75% · 15,298
Captain America: Civil War74% · 22,246
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues61% · 2,479
Utility StuntsBaby Driver75% · 15,298
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