Warehouse 13 · Specials 24 Episodes

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NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
Sx1Season One RecapGet ready for the all-new season of Syfy's biggest hit series. Experience all the action, adventure, and secrets of the entire first season of Warehouse 13 along with an exclusive look at what's to come in season 2.
Sx2Of Monsters and Men: Chapter 1Artie and Claudia's delivery of classic comics has unexpected consequences.
Sx3Of Monsters and Men: Chapter 2Things get two-dimensional as Pete, Claudia and Artie find themselves trapped in a comic book.
Sx4Of Monsters and Men: Chapter 3The "City of Ghouls" comic book lives up to its name...much to the team's dismay.
Sx5Of Monsters and Men: Chapter 4Pete descends into the sewers to track Claudia's ghoulish captor.
Sx6Of Monsters and Men: Chapter 5The plot thickens as Pete is rescued and Claudia meets more ghouls.
Sx7Of Monsters and Men: Chapter 6Artie makes contact with the outside world and Pete meets the four-color resistance.
Sx8Of Monsters and Men: Chapter 7Leena strives to remove the team from their comic containment as Claudia establishes contact.
Sx9Of Monsters and Men: Bonus Chapter
Sx10Of Monsters and Men: Chapter 8Pete's confrontation ends badly while Artie cracks the secret to the rack's power.
Sx11Of Monsters and Men: Chapter 9Mercer's monstrous attack on the ghouls leads to danger for Pete and Claudia.
Sx12Of Monsters and Men: Chapter 10With time running out, Pete must risk his life to open the gateway and save himself and his friends.
Sx13Grand Designs: Chapter 1On a rainy day at the Warehouse, Pete accidentally triggers an artifact that transforms the team into two-dimensional diorama versions of themselves, and returns the Warehouse to its original, unstable design.
Sx14Grand Designs: Chapter 2As Artie brings the team up to speed on the inner workings of the original Warehouse 13, the Anubis Shrine - one of three artifacts once used to power it - suddenly comes back online with devastating results.
Sx15Grand Designs: Chapter 3To stop the earthquakes generated by the Anubis Shrine, Leena and Trailer must risk their lives to stabilize this mega-powerful artifact before it tears the Warehouse apart
Sx16Grand Designs: Chapter 4While the artifact-generated chaos continues, Claudia and Artie race to the Gooery - the site of the second artifact power source - to try and shut it down before the entire Warehouse is flooded with purple goo.
Sx17Grand Designs: Chapter 5As Artie fights to save Claudia from drowning in the Gooery, and Pete and Myka set out for the third artifact power source, Leena and Trailer's search for the diorama artifact takes an unexpected turn when they discover the Warehouse is on fire.
Sx18Grand Designs: Chapter 6As the Warehouse heats up all around them, Pete and Myka must find a way to shut down the gale force winds being generated by third artifact power source - Miguel De Cervantes's Windmill.
Sx19Grand Designs: Chapter 7Blasted by gale force winds, Myka holds on for dear life while Pete retrieves an artifact that can help them neutralize Cervantes's Windmill once and for all.
Sx20Grand Designs Bonus Chapter
Sx21Grand Designs: Chapter 8To stop the fires raging throughout the Warehouse, the team must first find an artifact capable of breaking through the wall that now separates them from the ventilation control system inside the Lehmann Fornax.
Sx22Grand Designs: Chapter 9Working together, the team fights to regain control of the Lehmann Fornax before the entire Warehouse goes up in flames.
Sx23Grand Designs: Chapter 10With the Warehouse folding in on itself all around them, the team races against time to neutralize the diorama and turn everything back to normal.


Pete LattimerEddie McClintock
Myka BeringJoanne Kelly
Arthur "Artie" NielsenSaul Rubinek
Claudia DonovanAllison Scagliotti
LeenaGenelle Williams
Irene FredericCCH Pounder


ProductionProducerJace Alexander
Jack Kenny