TV Show 'Numb3rs' 6 Seasons

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We all use Math every day

Inspired by actual cases and experiences, Numb3rs depicts the confluence of police work and mathematics in solving crime as an FBI agent recruits his mathematical genius brother to help solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles from a very different perspective.

United States of America English

  • a.k.a. Numbers

Germany German (Deutsch)

Numb3rs - Die Logik des Verbrechens

Gemeinsam sind die beiden ungleichen Brüder ein unschlagbares Team: Der couragierte FBI-Agent Don Eppes und das introvertierte Mathematik-Genie Charlie, den Don bei schwierigen Fällen als Berater engagiert. Denn Charlie kann wissenschaftliche Formeln und Gesetzmäßigkeiten auf die Realität übertragen. So berechnet er beispielsweise aus den unterschiedlichen Tatorten eines Serienkillers dessen möglichen Wohnort, analysiert eine Bankraubserie oder findet über seine Auswertungen die Erklärung für eine rätselhafte Krankheit.

France French (Français)

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Agent du FBI, Don Eppes, trouve une aide précieuse auprès de son frère, Charlie, mathématicien de génie, pour résoudre les enquêtes les plus délicates. Le jeune homme utilise en effet les nombres pour analyser les crimes, révéler les tendances et tenter ainsi de prévoir le comportement. La série est produite par les frères Ridley et Tony Scott, réalisateurs et producteurs incontournables (Les Prédateurs en 1997), via leur société Scott Free Entertainment, en association Paramount.

Italy Italian (Italiano)

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Ogni episodio inizia con lo svolgersi di un crimine, cui deve indagare la squadra dell'FBI guidata da Don Eppes. Egli, trovandosi in difficoltà, chiede la collaborazione al fratello Charlie, genio di matematica e professore universitario di fama nazionale. I particolari messi alla luce dal lavoro matematico di Charlie sono sempre in qualche modo cruciali a risolvere i casi. Collaborano all'indagine altri personaggi, alcuni colleghi di Don, tra cui Terry Lake (prima stagione), una criminal profiler, altri di Charlie, tra cui Amita Ramanujan, una giovane e brillante laureanda in matematica, che Charlie sta aiutando con la tesi e di cui poi si innamorerà e Larry Fleinhardt, un professore di astrofisica suo collega con la testa spesso tra le nuvole.

Episode Runtimes
crime investigation
los angeles, california
Origin Countries
flag of United States of America United States of America
Production Countries
flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
flag of United States of America United States of America
Production Companies
United Kingdom Scott Free Productions
United States of America CBS
Content Ratings / Classifications
United States of America TV-14
Canada 14+
Australia M
Germany 16
Germany 12
France 10
Italy T
TMDb 70% · 361 (more information on website)
IMDb 69% · 45,730 (more information on website)


NumberOverview#EpisodesAir Date
Season 113
Season 2Season two has several changes to Don's FBI team: Terry Lake is reassigned to Washington and two new members join Don and David Sinclair: Megan Reeves and Colby Granger. Charlie is challenged on one of his long-standing mathematical workpieces and starts work on a new theory, cognitive emergence theory.24
Season 3Charlie and Amita intensify their relationship, as do Larry and Megan, especially after Megan's kidnapping. Amita has trouble adjusting to her new role as a CalSci professor, and Larry announces his leave of absence; he will be on the International Space Station for six months, which greatly distresses Charlie.24
Season 418
Season 523
Season 616


Don EppesRob Morrow
Charlie EppesDavid Krumholtz
Alan EppesJudd Hirsch
David SinclairAlimi Ballard
Larry FleinhardtPeter MacNicol
Amita RamanujanNavi Rawat
Liz WarnerAya Sumika
Nikki BetancourtSophina Brown
Colby GrangerDylan Bruno

Created by


ProductionProducerDavid W. Zucker
Ridley Scott
Tony Scott