TV Show 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' 7 Seasons

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At the edge of the Final Frontier, the Universe's greatest mystery is about to unfold.

At Deep Space Nine, a space station located next to a wormhole in the vicinity of the liberated planet of Bajor, Commander Sisko and crew welcome alien visitors, root out evildoers and solve all types of unexpected problems that come their way.

Germany German (Deutsch)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ist eine Weltraumstation in der Nähe des Planeten Bajor. Sie wurde von den Cardassianern als Minenstation gebaut und ist entsprechend ungemütlich. Kommandiert wird die Station von Commander, später Captain, Benjamin Sisko im Auftrag der Föderation. Seine Crew ist sowohl aus Bajoranern als auch Föderationsmitgliedern zusammengesetzt.

France French (Français)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine décrit les événements survenus au XXIVe siècle autour de la station spatiale de la Fédération, Deep Space Nine (anciennement Terok Nor), commandée par le capitaine Benjamin Sisko.

Italy Italian (Italiano)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine è una serie di fantascienza ambientata nell'universo di Star Trek. La serie descrive le avventure di una stazione spaziale orbitante ai margini dello spazio della Federazione, e si focalizza su aspetti della difficile interazione fra razze aliene diverse e sulla guerra (più o meno calda) tra lcune di loro, invece che sull'esplorazione spaziale come le altre serie di Star Trek. E' iniziata nel 1993 e continuata per 7 stagioni, fino al 1999.

Episode Runtimes
24th century
alien planet
shape shifting alien
space station
space travel
Action & Adventure
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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Production Companies
United States of America Paramount Television Studios
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Germany 16
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TMDb 79% · 716 (more information on website)
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NumberOverview#EpisodesAir Date
Season 1The Provisional Government of Bajor invites Starfleet to help them rebuild after the Cardassian Occupation. Commander Benjamin Sisko is selected to take command of their space station, formerly known as Terok Nor that is then designated by Starfleet as Deep Space 9. As part of the agreement between the Federation and Bajor, Starfleet will help them to become a member of the Federation.20
Season 2In their second year together, the crew of Deep Space 9 face problems that will affect the galaxy forever. A Bajoran extremist group attempts to force the Federation out of the Bajoran system. The Cardassians are secretly supplying them with weapons, hoping to return to reclaim the planet and hold the Bajoran wormhole for the Cardassian Union. However, the greatest enemy of all is lurking beyond it.26
Season 3Season 3 of Deep Space Nine marks a turning point for the series, as it introduces the USS Defiant, a powerful starship that allows the crew to explore the Gamma Quadrant and face the threat of the Dominion, a vast and ruthless empire ruled by the shape-shifting Founders.26
Season 4Season 4 of Deep Space Nine marks a major shift for the series, as it introduces a new conflict between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, sparked by the latter's distrust of the shape-shifting Founders. Worf, the former security chief of the USS Enterprise-D, joins the station's crew as Sisko's strategic operations officer, and faces challenges in his loyalty, honor, and family.26
Season 5Season 5 of Deep Space Nine begins the Dominion War arc that will dominate the rest of the show. The Federation and its allies face a new enemy in the form of the Cardassian-Dominion alliance, which threatens to conquer the Alpha Quadrant.26
Season 6Season 6 of Deep Space Nine marks the height of the Dominion War arc, as it depicts the Federation and its allies in a desperate struggle against the Cardassian-Dominion alliance, which has occupied Deep Space Nine and the Bajoran system.26
Season 7Season 7 of Deep Space Nine marks the end of the series, as it concludes the Dominion War arc and the saga of the characters and their relationships. The Federation and its allies face the final showdown with the Cardassian-Dominion alliance, which is aided by the Breen. Sisko and his crew must also deal with the threat of the pah-wraiths, the evil counterparts of the Prophets, who are unleashed by Kai Winn and Dukat.26


Benjamin SiskoAvery Brooks
Kira NerysNana Visitor
Miles O'BrienColm Meaney
WorfMichael Dorn
Julian BashirAlexander Siddig
Jake SiskoCirroc Lofton
QuarkArmin Shimerman
OdoRené Auberjonois
Ezri DaxNicole de Boer

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ArtProduction DesignHerman F. Zimmerman
Property MasterJoe Longo
CrewStuntsJoe Murphy
ProductionCastingJunie Lowry-Johnson
ProducerIra Steven Behr
Michael Piller
Peter Allan Fields
Rick Berman
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
SoundMain Title Theme ComposerDennis McCarthy