Star Trek: Deep Space Nine · Season 2 26 Episodes

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NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
2x1The Homecoming (1)Word that a previously thought dead Bajoran resistance legend is still alive sends Kira and Chief O'Brien to Cardassia IV to rescue him; meanwhile "The Circle", a sect of the Bajoran provisional government that is intent on wiping out alien influence, is sneaking into power.
2x2The Circle (2)Kira spends time with Vedek Bareil on Bajor just as "The Circle" begins arming themselves from a mysterious source.
2x3The Siege (3)As a "Circle"-led Bajoran military tries to occupy the station, a skeleton crew led by Sisko fight to reveal "The Circle's" big secret before they are forced to evacuate themselves. Meanwhile, Kira and Dax lead a mission to reveal the truth about "The Circle" on Bajor.
2x4Invasive ProceduresA jealous Trill, who had waited his entire life to receive a symbiont but never had, decides to steal one. . .Dax's!
2x5CardassiansPolitical heat rises on the station as Bajorans enter the station with orphaned Cardassians they have adopted.
2x6MeloraA new arrival to the station with a special gravity-based disability appeals to Bashir's heart; meanwhile an old associate of Quark's comes to the station to kill the barkeep.
2x7Rules of AcquisitionA female Ferengi, posing as a male to be available to participate in business (a rule STRICTLY forbidden by the Ferengi government), falls for Quark during very important negotiations between the Ferengi and a Gamma Quadrant race.
2x8Necessary EvilOdo relives some terrible and tragic memories of a past investigation when he was the constable on Cardassian-occupied Deep Space Nine, then named Terok Nor.
2x9Second SightWhile noted scientist Gideon Seyetik is preparing for an ambitious project, re-igniting a star, Sisko is intrigued by a woman who keeps disappearing.
2x10SanctuaryA race that has been conquered twice over, one of the conquerors being the mysterious Dominion, comes to the station seeking aid and a new home.
2x11RivalsQuark meets his match when a new rival opens a casino opposite Quark's Bar on the Promenade; meanwhile the station is suffering issues of high improbability.
2x12The AlternateOdo and Dr. Mora Pol, Odo's 'father', discover a life form similar to Odo on a Gamma Quadrant planet.
2x13Armageddon GameChief O'Brien, who still doesn't like the good Doctor Bashir, must rely on him when the two are stranded on a planet and O'Brien is infected with a deadly, fast moving disease.
2x14WhispersChief O'Brien's world is turned upside down when for no reason whatsoever he is being ignored by his family and friends and is being closed out of every essential job on the station.
2x15ParadiseSisko and Chief O'Brien discover a colony that lives without technology.
2x16ShadowplayOdo and Dax investigate the mysterious disappearance of people from a village. Kira tries to keep a close eye on Quark, while Vedek Bareil unexpectedly visits.
2x17Playing GodA Trill named Arjin comes to DS9 to learn what it is to be a Trill with a symbiont but finds his teacher, Dax, to be less than he expected.
2x18Profit and LossA Cardassian woman, who was once a former flame of Quark's, visits the station under dubious circumstances.
2x19Blood OathThree legendary Klingons come to DS9 to see if Jadzia Dax will participate in a Blood Oath they made with Jadzia's previous host Curzon.
2x20The Maquis (1)The destruction of a Cardassian ship leads Sisko, Dukat, and Sisko's old friend Cal Hudson to the fact that there is an unofficial war between the Maquis and the Cardassians.
2x21The Maquis (2)Sisko tries to resolve the Maquis crisis by preventing a war, freeing Gul Dukat and offering the defected Hudson the chance to return.
2x22The WireDr. Bashir fights to save Garak's life when a device implanted in his brain, designed to alleviate pain in the event of torture, begins to malfunction and is slowly killing him.
2x23CrossoverKira and Bashir find themselves in an alternate universe.
2x24The CollaboratorVedek Bareil is targeted by fellow Kai candidate Vedek Winn as having been a collaborator with the Cardassians during the Occupation.
2x25TribunalChief O'Brien goes through the horrific Cardassian judicial system when he is charged for an unknown crime.
2x26The Jem'HadarSisko and Quark and a strange telepathic woman are arrested by Jem'Hadar, soldiers of the Dominion.


Benjamin SiskoAvery Brooks
Kira NerysNana Visitor
Miles O'BrienColm Meaney
Jadzia DaxTerry Farrell
Julian BashirAlexander Siddig
Jake SiskoCirroc Lofton
QuarkArmin Shimerman
OdoRené Auberjonois


ArtProduction DesignHerman F. Zimmerman
Property MasterJoe Longo
CrewStuntsJoe Murphy
ProductionCastingJunie Lowry-Johnson
ProducerIra Steven Behr
Michael Piller
Peter Allan Fields
Rick Berman
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
SoundMain Title Theme ComposerDennis McCarthy