Adam Baldwin

  • a.k.a. Адам Болдуин

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Appearing in dozens of films since 1980, Baldwin rose to prominence as the troubled outcast Ricky Linderman in My Bodyguard (1980) and moved on to bigger roles in D.C. Cab (1983), Full Metal Jacket (1987), Independence Day (1996), The Patriot (2000) and Serenity (2005)—in which he reprises his role as the mercenary Jayne Cobb from the television series Firefly. His other work includes Radio Flyer (1992), From the Earth to the Moon (1998), The X-Files (Knowle Rohrer), Smoke Jumpers (1996), The Cape, Men in Black: The Series, Stargate SG-1, Angel, The Inside, NCIS and the 2005 remake of The Poseidon Adventure. He also starred in the ABC series Day Break as Chad Shelten in 2006. Baldwin parodied the Ricky Linderman character in the 2008 film Drillbit Taylor. Baldwin won a SyFy Genre Award in 2006 for Best Supporting Actor/Television for his role as Jayne Cobb in the television series Firefly. Baldwin was cast as Clark Kent/Superman in the first DC animated universe movie, Superman: Doomsday, based on DC Comics' The Death of Superman and is currently co-starring in the NBC television show Chuck as NSA Agent John Casey. The show premiered September 24, 2007. Baldwin has a role as a voice actor in the Xbox 360 games Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, the latter putting him in the role of Cpl. Taylor "Dutch" Miles. Baldwin also appears as a voice actor in Half Life 2: Episode 2 for various resistance soldiers and citizens. Adam also appeared in Mass Effect 2, playing the role of Quarian marine Kal'Reegar. Baldwin was born in Chicago, Illinois and studied at New Trier Township High School East in Winnetka, Illinois. He has three children with his wife, Ami. He has been a registered voter with the Democratic Party since 1980, but admits reexamining his views after being given a copy of David Horowitz's book Radical Son. Politically, he considers himself a "small government conservative libertarian", and has contributed blogs to the Huffington Post and Big Hollywood. As a hobby, he also collects and posts links to varying viewpoints on his Twitter feed

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Adam Baldwin (* 27. Februar 1962 in Winnetka, Illinois) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Er debütierte in der Komödie Die Schulhofratten von Chicago (1980), in der er neben Matt Dillon und Joan Cusack eine der größeren Rollen spielte. In der Komödie Die Chaotenclique (1983) trat er neben Mr. T und Paul Rodriguez auf. Als eine seiner bekanntesten Rollen gilt die des Soldaten Animal Mother in dem Antikriegsfilm Full Metal Jacket (1987) von Stanley Kubrick. In dem Fernsehfilm Einsatz in der Flammenhölle (1996) spielte er eine der Hauptrollen, im gleichen Jahr war er in der Fernsehserie Countdown X – Alarm im All als Colonel Jack Riles zu sehen. Im Jahr 1998 spielte er in der preisgekrönten Miniserie From the Earth to the Moon. Für seine Hauptrolle in dem Fernsehfilm Prophecy of the Tiger – Die Rache des Tigers (1999) wurde Baldwin im Jahr 2001 für den Video Premiere Award nominiert. In dem Historienfilm Der Patriot (2000) trat er neben Mel Gibson und Heath Ledger als Captain Wilkins auf. In dem Thriller Mörderische Versuchung (2000) spielte er die Rolle des Captain Wagner neben Kiefer Sutherland und Rebecca De Mornay. Science-Fiction-Fans ist er durch seine Rolle als Jayne Cobb in der Fernsehserie Firefly – Der Aufbruch der Serenity (2002) und dem darauf basierenden Film Serenity – Flucht in neue Welten (2005) bekannt. Außerdem hatte er im Jahr 2005 einen Auftritt in der ersten Staffel der Fernsehserie Bones – Die Knochenjägerin. Mit dem Hauptdarsteller David Boreanaz spielte er bereits in der letzten Staffel von Angel – Jäger der Finsternis. Von September 2007 bis Januar 2012 war er als John Casey in der Action-Comedy-Fernsehserie Chuck zu sehen. Baldwin gewann 2006 einen Science-Fiction Genre Award (Best Supporting Actor/Television) für seine Rolle als Jayne Cobb in der Fernsehserie Firefly – Der Aufbruch der Serenity.

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Nato a Chicago (Illinois) da una famiglia di origini irlandesi, dopo gli studi alla New Trier High School inizia a lavorare come camionista. Non ha alcuna parentela con i fratelli Baldwin. Debutta nel 1980 nel film La mia guardia del corpo, ma il ruolo più importante della sua carriera arriva nel 1987 nel film di Stanley Kubrick Full Metal Jacket. Grazie a questa interpretazione negli anni seguenti prende parte ai film Le strade della paura, Vendetta trasversale e Predator 2. Baldwin ha all'attivo una lunga carriera costellata di partecipazioni variegate, da film tv a partecipazioni a serie tv come X-Files, Firefly, Angel e The Inside; inoltre ha preso parte a molti film più o meno di successo, tra cui Gli anni dei ricordi, Independence Day, Serenity e Il patriota. Ha prestato la voce per i videogiochi Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST e Mass Effect 2, e ha lavorato nella serie tv Chuck, creata da Josh Schwartz e da Chris Fedak per la NBC.

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CharacterMovie / TV ShowGenresReleaseRating
Calvin WeberS.W.A.T.TV81% · 1,326
XO Mike SlatteryThe Last ShipTV56 Episodes68% · 898
Ethan SlaughterCastleTV2 Episodes80% · 1,776
Colonel Michael VanceLeverageTV2 Episodes76% · 348
Disgruntled BodyguardDrillbit Taylor58% · 990
John CaseyChuckTV91 Episodes77% · 968
Special Agent Jamie KentonBonesTV82% · 3,076
DHS Agent Brett DunbarCSI: NYTV73% · 652
Michael RainerNCISTV76% · 2,197
De SotoCSI: MiamiTV77% · 1,542
Major MitchellIndependence Day69% · 9,315
Cmdr. Michael RainerJAGTV73% · 332
Knowle RohrerThe X-FilesTV5 Episodes84% · 2,984
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