Movie 'Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques' (Astérix at the Olympic Games)

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Astérix and Obélix have to win the Olympic Games in order to help their friend Alafolix marry Princess Irina. Brutus uses every trick in the book to have his own team win the game, and get rid of his father Julius Caesar in the process.

United States of America English

  • a.k.a. Asterix & Obelix 3 - Asterix at the Olympic Games

Germany German (Deutsch)

Asterix bei den Olympischen Spielen
  • a.k.a. Asterix bei den Olympischen Spielen

Die Abenteuer des blitzschnellen Asterix und seines zaubertrankgestärkten Gefährten Obelix führen diesmal ins ferne Griechenland. Dort wollen sie dem jungen und wagemutigen Gallier Alafolix helfen, die Olympischen Spiele und gleichzeitig das Herz der wunderschönen griechischen Prinzessin Irina zu gewinnen. Wäre da nur nicht der tückische Brutus, der alles daran setzt, die Olympiade zu beherrschen und außerdem seinen Vater Julius Caesar aus dem Weg zu räumen...

France French (Français)

Astérix aux Jeux olympiques
  • a.k.a. Astérix & Obélix 3 - Aux Jeux Olympiques

Astérix et Obélix, dans de nouvelles aventures où ils devront remporter les Jeux Olympiques, permettre au jeune Gaulois, Alafolix, d’épouser la Princesse Irina et lutter contre le terrible Brutus, prêt à tous les stratagèmes, pour lui aussi gagner les Jeux Olympiques et se débarrasser de son père : Jules César.

Italy Italian (Italiano)

Asterix alle olimpiadi

Il giovane gallo Alafolix è innamorato della principessa greca Irina che però è stata promessa in sposa al figlio di Cesare, Bruto. Decisa a non unirsi in matrimonio con un buzzurro e colpita nel profondo dalle romantiche lettere d'amore del gallo, Irina propone di sposare colui che vincerà le Olimpiadi. La missione di Asterix e Obelix sarà quella di portare Alafolix sul podio e smascherare lo sleale Bruto, che giocherà sporco pur di ottenere la vittoria e la mano della principessa.

Part of Asterix & Obelix Collection

Collection of the live action movie of Asterix and Obelix

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    • Rating: 60% · 1,505

    Set in 50 B.C., Asterix and Obelix are living in a small but well-protected village in Gaul, where a magic potion concocted by Druids turns the townsfolk into mighty soldiers. When Roman troops carve a path through Gaul to reach the English Channel, Caesar and his aide de camp Detritus discover the secret elixir and capture the Druid leader who knows its formula, and Asterix and Obelix are sent off to rescue them.

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  • Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques (Astérix at the Olympic Games) owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 52% · 1,599

    Astérix and Obélix have to win the Olympic Games in order to help their friend Alafolix marry Princess Irina. Brutus uses every trick in the book to have his own team win the game, and get rid of his father Julius Caesar in the process.

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  • Astérix & Obélix: L'Empire du Milieu (Asterix & Obelix: The Silk Road) not owned

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    The movie will revolve around the only daughter of the Chinese Emperor Han Xuandi, who escapes from the grips of a rogue prince and runs off to Gaul, seeking help from two valiant warriors, Asterix and Obelix.

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based on comic
olympic games
wild boar
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Production Companies
France TF1 Films Production
Germany Constantin Film
France Pathé Renn Productions
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Tri Pictures
Sorolla Films
Novo RPI
Belgium uFilm
Spain Canal+ España
Belgium Le Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral de Belgique
France Les Éditions Albert René
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TMDb 52% · 1,600 (more information on website)
IMDb 51% · 29,723 (more information on website)


AstérixClovis Cornillac
ObélixGérard Depardieu
AssurancetourixFranck Dubosc
CouverdepusJosé Garcia
AlafolixStéphane Rousseau
PanoramixJean-Pierre Cassel
EsmeraldaMónica Cruz
Jules CésarAlain Delon
BrutusBenoît Poelvoorde
Princess IrinaVanessa Hessler
PasunmotdeplusMichael Herbig
DoktormabusSantiago Segura
King AderlasBouli Lanners
Madame MethusalixAdriana Karembeu
Claudius MuscullusJérôme Le Banner
ObstinatusAlexandre Astier
AlphaLuca Bizzarri
BetaPaolo Kessisoglu
OmegaÉlie Semoun
LalanixFrancis Lalanne
SchumixMichael Schumacher
NumérodisZinedine Zidane
Tonus ParkerTony Parker
CoachPatrice Thibaud
NumerixStéphane De Groodt
HumungusNathan Jones
Le goûteur de miroirDany Brillant
Le lutteur de la délégation de RhodesVincent Moscato


ArtSet DesignerAline Bonetto
CameraDirector of PhotographyThierry Arbogast
Costume & Make-UpCostume DesignMadeline Fontaine
DirectingDirectorFrédéric Forestier
Thomas Langmann
EditingEditorYannick Kergoat
ProductionCastingPierre-Jacques Bénichou
Executive ProducerJean-Louis Monthieux
Pierre Grunstein
ProducerFrédéric Forestier
Thomas Langmann
SoundOriginal Music ComposerFrédéric Talgorn
Sound DesignerJean Goudier
Jean-Paul Hurier
Marc Doisne
Michel Kharat
Visual EffectsVFX SupervisorChristian Rajaud