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Remember everything. Forgive nothing.

Bourne is brought out of hiding once again by reporter Simon Ross who is trying to unveil Operation Blackbriar, an upgrade to Project Treadstone, in a series of newspaper columns. Information from the reporter stirs a new set of memories, and Bourne must finally uncover his dark past while dodging The Company's best efforts to eradicate him.

United States of America English

  • a.k.a. Bourne 3 - The Bourne Ultimatum

Canada English

  • a.k.a. The Bourne Identity 3 - Bourne Ultimatum

Germany German (Deutsch)

Das Bourne Ultimatum
  • a.k.a. Bourne 3 - Das Bourne Ultimatum

Um das dunkle Kapitel seiner Vergangenheit endlich auszulöschen, muss Jason Bourne sich dieser stellen. Das Projekt, welches ihn erschuf, wird auch weiterhin illegal fortgesetzt. Bourne macht sich daran, den Mord an seiner Freundin zu rächen. Unterstützt wird er dabei von Nicki, einer ehemaligen Agentin und der CIA-Agentin Landy. Doch auch der CIA-Chef Vosen hat seine Killer schon auf Bourne angesetzt, damit alle Gefahren für die Weiterführung des Projekts beseitigt werden.

France French (Français)

La Vengeance dans la peau
  • a.k.a. Jason Bourne 3 - La Vengeance dans la peau

Jason Bourne vit tranquillement maintenant. Mais le département de la Défense lance en grand secret un second programme encore plus sophistiqué : Blackbriar, visant à fabriquer une nouvelle génération de tueurs supérieurement entraînés. Jason est, pour le directeur des opérations spéciales, une menace et une tache à effacer au plus vite. Ordre est donné de le supprimer. La traque recommence : Moscou, Paris, Madrid, Londres, Tanger et New York.

Italy Italian (Italiano)

The Bourne Ultimatum - Il ritorno dello sciacallo

Jason Bourne è tornato. La sua angoscia è sempre alimentata dal bisogno di sapere chi e perché lo ha trasformato in una macchina per uccidere cancellandone l'identità. A questo si aggiunge il desiderio di vendicare la morte della sua compagna. Il teatro dell'azione è estremamente vario: da Mosca a Londra, da Torino fino a Tangeri passando per la Spagna fino a un epilogo che dovrebbe essere programmaticamente destinato a chiudere la trilogia.

Part of The Bourne Collection

The Bourne films are a series of action thriller movies based on the character Jason Bourne, a CIA assassin suffering from extreme memory loss who must figure out who he is. The character is based on novels by Robert Ludlum. The fourth film in the series introduces Aaron Cross, a Department of Defense operative who runs for his life because of Bourne's actions.

  • The Bourne Identity owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 74% · 7,526

    Wounded to the brink of death and suffering from amnesia, Jason Bourne is rescued at sea by a fisherman. With nothing to go on but a Swiss bank account number, he starts to reconstruct his life, but finds that many people he encounters want him dead. However, Bourne realizes that he has the combat and mental skills of a world-class spy—but who does he work for?

  • The Bourne Supremacy owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 73% · 6,103

    When a CIA operation to purchase classified Russian documents is blown by a rival agent, who then shows up in the sleepy seaside village where Bourne and Marie have been living. The pair run for their lives and Bourne, who promised retaliation should anyone from his former life attempt contact, is forced to once again take up his life as a trained assassin to survive.

  • The Bourne Ultimatum owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 74% · 6,249

    Bourne is brought out of hiding once again by reporter Simon Ross who is trying to unveil Operation Blackbriar, an upgrade to Project Treadstone, in a series of newspaper columns. Information from the reporter stirs a new set of memories, and Bourne must finally uncover his dark past while dodging The Company's best efforts to eradicate him.

  • The Bourne Legacy owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 62% · 4,753

    New CIA operative Aaron Cross experiences life-or-death stakes that have been triggered by the previous actions of Jason Bourne.

  • Jason Bourne owned

    • Release Date:
    • Rating: 63% · 4,776

    The most dangerous former operative of the CIA is drawn out of hiding to uncover hidden truths about his past.

Release Date
action hero
based on novel or book
dark past
fake identity
foot chase
jason bourne
langley virginia
madrid, spain
moscow, russia
paris, france
security leak
Spanish (Español)
French (Français)
Russian (Pусский)
Arabic (العربية)
Production Countries
flag of France France
flag of Germany Germany
flag of Spain Spain
flag of United States of America United States of America
Production Companies
United States of America Universal Pictures
United States of America The Kennedy/Marshall Company
Ludlum Entertainment
Motion Picture BETA Produktionsgesellschaft
Bourne Again
KanZaman Services
Peninsula Films
Germany Studio Babelsberg
Release Dates
United States of America Premiere PG-13 Arclight Theater
United States of America Theatrical PG-13
Australia Theatrical M
United Kingdom Theatrical 12A
Germany Theatrical 12
France Theatrical 12
United Kingdom Physical 12
Italy Theatrical T
United States of America Physical PG-13 DVD Release
Germany Physical 12 DVD Release
France Digital VOD
France Physical 10 DVD
Germany Physical 12 Blu-ray Release
France Physical 10 Blu-Ray
United States of America Physical PG-13 Blu-Ray Release
France Physical 10 4K UHD
Germany TV 12 ZDF
France Digital 12 Prime Video
France Digital 12 Netflix
TMDb 74% · 6,250 (more information on website)
IMDb 80% · 621,700 (more information on website)
Rotten Tomatoes® 92% (more information on website)
metacritic 85% (more information on website)


Jason BourneMatt Damon
Nicky ParsonsJulia Stiles
Noah VosenDavid Strathairn
Ezra KramerScott Glenn
Simon RossPaddy Considine
PazEdgar Ramírez
Dr. Albert HirschAlbert Finney
Pamela LandyJoan Allen
Tom CroninTom Gallop
Conrad WillsCorey Johnson
Martin KreutzDaniel Brühl
Desh BouksaniJoey Ansah
Neal DanielsColin Stinton
JimmyDan Fredenburgh
LucyLucy Liemann
TechnicianBryan Reents
TechnicianArkie Reece
TechnicianJohn Roberson
TechnicianRuss Huards
BetancourtMark Bazeley
ChamberlainSinead O'Keefe
Agent HammondCharles Venn
Agent KileyScott Adkins
Russian PolicemanBranko Tomović
Russian PolicemanLaurentiu Possa
Tactical Team LeaderTrevor St. John
Tactical Team AgentAlbert Jones
Vosen's DriverJeffrey Lee Gibson
Morgue AttendantUriel Emil Pollack
NYPD OfficerOmar Hernandez
NYPD OfficerWilliam H. Burns
CRI AgentMichael Wildman
HoodyKai Martin
Businessman (uncredited)Michael Ahl
Senator Gillham (uncredited)Glynis Brooks
Construction Worker (uncredited)James Ciccone
Buenos Aires Cafe Patron (voice) (uncredited)Sebastian Feldman
Mob (uncredited)Luis Mottola
Special Agent in Car (uncredited)Mark Mottram
Hospital Patient (uncredited)James Schram
Agent (uncredited)Brian Smyj
Passer-by (uncredited)Paul Thornton
Policeman (uncredited)John Warman
Commuter (uncredited)Chris Wilson
Nabile (uncredited)Ben Youcef


ArtArt Department AssistantPaula Marín
Art Department CoordinatorGina Herold
Katie Gabriel
Art DirectionAndy Nicholson
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Construction ManagerDierk Grahlow
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Graphic DesignerAnita Dhillon
GreensmanTim Lanning
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