Lie to Me · Season 3 13 Episodes

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NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
3x1In the RedLightman tries to stop a man intent on revenge from robbing a bank.
3x2The Royal WeWhile defending a wrongly accused man, Lightman uncovers a dark secret that helps a damaged woman and her daughter.
3x3Dirty LoyalThe Lightman Group gets hired by Internal Affairs to investigate an incident that involves Det. Wallowski and her partner Det. Farr.
3x4Double BlindLightman becomes involved in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse when he meets a beautiful woman at an art gallery. Meanwhile, Torres is still reeling after her fatal mistake.
3x5The Canary's SongWhen Lightman investigates an explosion that killed six coal miners, he suspects foul play may be involved and goes below the surface to find the truth; the FBI seeks the Lightman Group's help with another case.
3x6Beyond BeliefLightman goes head-to-head with the leader of a self-help empire to free a wealthy woman who may be under the control of the cult-like leader. When Lightman begins to investigate, things get personal as he suspects the group of threatening him and his daughter, Emily.
3x7VeronicaLightman tries to help a woman with early-onset Alzheimer's piece together her fragmented memories, but it uncovers a deadly secret.
3x8SmokedLightman is hired by a terminally ill restaurant owner to find his daughter's killer as his dying wish.
3x9FunhouseCal Lightman questions his own sanity while he tries to get a patient released from a mental hospital.
3x10ReboundA wealthy woman asks Lightman to look into her new boyfriend's background.
3x11SavedLightman investigates three high school students responsible for a deadly traffic accident.
3x12GoneA baby goes missing, and her mother accuses an unknown person of the kidnapping. When Lightman sees she’s hiding something, he digs deeper and discovers a family in need of repair.
3x13Killer AppFoster’s former patient, one of the founders of a social-networking app, comes to the Lightman Group when she thinks she’s being squeezed out by her partner. When she turns up dead a short time later, Lightman fights against the prevailing evidence to expose the truth behind the murder.


Cal LightmanTim Roth
Gillian FosterKelli Williams
Ria TorresMonica Raymund
Eli LokerBrendan Hines
Emily LightmanHayley McFarland


ProductionCastingSharon Bialy
Sherry Thomas
Casting AssociateRussell Scott
Executive ProducerBrian Grazer
SoundTheme Song PerformanceRyan Star