Bones · Season 10 22 Episodes

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NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
10x1The Conspiracy in the CorpseBrennan and the team attempt to absolve Booth and get him released from prison. The remains of a man who has been dead for over sixteen years prove to be significant.
10x2The Lance to the HeartAubrey works alongside the team to investigate a government conspiracy. DNA found on a previous victim helps the team to narrow down the suspects.
10x3The Purging of the PunditThe remains of a right-wing radio host are found in a storm drain, and the investigation reveals some surprising extracurricular activities that narrows the search for suspects. Meanwhile, Agent Aubrey tries to get Booth to trust him, and Brennan worries about her husband's state of mind.
10x4The Geek in the GuckThe investigation of the murder of a video-game designer reveals the wealth he accumulated during his career, which makes a suspect out of everyone who was in his inner circle. Meanwhile, "squintern" Jessica sheds light on an educational opportunity; and Brennan and Booth discuss Christine's future.
10x5The Corpse at the ConventionBrennan runs into a publishing rival. Wendell hears back from his diagnosis. The team members investigate a murder when remains are found in a convention's stairwell.
10x6The Lost Love in the Foreign LandThe case of a maid's death turns out to be a bigger case than originally thought. Tensions are rising between Cam and Brennan.
10x7The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-RoundThe team investigate a billion dollar hedge fund company when severely damaged remains from human's are found under a merry go round.
10x8The Puzzler in the PitThe team is called in after a crossword puzzle master is discovered in an urban fracking site.
10x9The Mutilation of the Master ManipulatorThe team is called in after the remains of a psychology professor are discovered.
10x10The 200th in the 10thPaying homage to Alfred Hitchcock in an episode that reimagines the Jeffersonian and FBI teams in 1950s Hollywood. Brennan plays an LAPD detective who's battling sexism on the force, and Booth is a notorious jewel thief who is far more than he seems to be. When Booth is framed for the murder of a rich socialite, he and Brennan team up to clear his name and find the true identity of the murderer.
10x11The Psychic in the SoupAngela’s psychic friend is enlisted when the body of a local psychic is found.
10x12The Teacher in the BooksThe team are called in after a wealthy teacher is discovered dead in an abandoned bookstore.
10x13The Baker in the BitsWhen the body of an ex-con is found in pieces, the Jeffersonian team investigates a local bakery known for employing former felons.
10x14The Putter in the RoughThe team take a look into the death of a mini-golf superstar. Brennan is concerned about her dad.
10x15The Eye in the SkyBooth and Brennan work undercover as they become involved in the world of underground poker.
10x16The Big Beef at the Royal DinerThe team are called in after the remains of a celebrity chef are found in a local park.
10x17The Lost in the FoundBrennan and Booth believe that bullying is behind the death of a private high school student.
10x18The Verdict in the VictimsThe team attempt to find evidence that Alex Rockwell did not commit the crimes of which he was convicted for.
10x19The Murder in the Middle EastThe team must race against the clock to expose the killer of the son of a powerful diplomat.Source: FOX
10x20The Woman in the WhirlpoolA well-known cookie jar collector's body is found on a riverbank.
10x21The Life in the LightThe team take a look into the death of an ex-con who has become a yoga instructor.
10x22The Next in the LastWhen the Jeffersonian team discovers remains of a victim, and elements of the crime scene point to a possible protege of serial killer Christopher Pelant, they must revisit their prior work on Pelant while tracing new clues that will hopefully lead them to the copycat killer. Meanwhile, Angela is skeptical about her and Hodgins decision to move to Paris and Brennan and Booth contemplate options outside of the Jeffersonian and FBI.


Temperance "Bones" BrennanEmily Deschanel
Seeley BoothDavid Boreanaz
James AubreyJohn Boyd
Angela MontenegroMichaela Conlin
Camille SaroyanTamara Taylor
Jack HodginsT. J. Thyne