NCIS: Los Angeles · Season 2 24 Episodes

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NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
2x1Human TrafficWhen one of their own disappears while undercover, the team must work alongside LAPD on a case involving human-trafficking, money laundering and drugs.
2x2Black WidowAfter a mysterious hit squad takes out a Special Agent on assignment, the NCIS team jumps into action before the next target is set.
2x3BorderlineThe NCIS team jumps into action when video surveillance footage shows an ambush on a humvee transporting Marines in the desert. Meanwhile, Nate returns from his mystery assignment.
2x4Special DeliveryThe team investigates the murder of a Marine who had top-level security clearance, and the corpse is missing a hand.
2x5Little AngelsThe team races against time to save a Naval Commander's daughter after seeing a video of her being buried alive.
2x6StandoffCallen's ex-partner (Marisol Nichols) takes a Navy recruitment center hostage.
2x7AnonymousAfter terrorists kill a state department employee and a plastic surgeon, the team searches for the only witness who can identify the killers' surgically altered faces.
2x8BountyWanted terrorists and top secret information are all involved in NCIS's investigation into the kidnapping and murder of a retired army Sergeant.
2x9Absolution (1)When a murdered antiques dealer's book of top-secret information goes missing, Hetty sends the NCIS team on a mission to find it.
2x10Deliverance (2)Hetty and the NCIS team continue to search for an elusive book that has the attention of several foreign security agencies.
2x11DisorderKensi connects personally with a discharged Navy Intelligence officer suffering from post traumatic stress disorder who is the sole survivor of a deadly dispute being investigated by the NCIS team.
2x12OverwatchThe NCIS team uncovers an experimental Navy tracking system when a body containing a top-secret residue is stolen from an autopsy room. Meanwhile, Callen challenges Hetty on the rock wall.
2x13ArchangelThe team looks for the person responsible when classified pentagon documents are uploaded to a blog site.
2x14LockupSam goes undercover as a prisoner to track down a terrorist group responsible for several bombings around the world.
2x15Tin SoldiersAfter Callen catches a man breaking into his house, a former KGB operative leads the NCIS team to a shipment of counterfeit computer chips entering the United States.
2x16Empty QuiverSuspicious of an undercover venture involving a deal between corrupt cops and military personnel, Callen and Sam try to expose the illegal operation by posing as California highway patrol officers.
2x17PersonalDeeks' morning routine is disrupted when he is shot during a convenience store robbery, leaving the NCIS team to investigate whether he was the assailants' intended target.
2x18Harm's WaySam resumes a former alias and boards a one-way flight to Yemen in hopes of tracking down a terrorist group's leader and rescuing the hostage son of a Saudi Prince.
2x19Enemy WithinNCIS investigates whether the life of a Venezuelan politician is in danger after a Navy Intelligence Commander who is responsible for tracking his moves suddenly disappears.
2x20The JobWhen an attempted robbery takes place at a secure facility on a Marine base, Kensi must determine what the thief intended to steal.
2x21Rocket ManAfter a rocket engine expert is killed, NCIS tech operator Eric Beale goes undercover for the first time to ensure that the classified technology used to build satellites is safe.
2x22Plan BDeeks resumes an old alias he is not fond of in order to protect his best friend and chief informant from a criminal group that wants him dead.
2x23ImpostersA Navy SEAL imposter's death gives the team a lead on a missing canister used to make deadly bombs.
2x24FamiliaHetty's sudden resignation prompts Callen and the NCIS team to investigate the reason why she would disappear in the hopes of tracking her down.


G. CallenChris O'Donnell
Sam HannaLL Cool J
Kensi BlyeDaniela Ruah
Marty DeeksEric Christian Olsen
Henrietta "Hetty" LangeLinda Hunt
Eric BealBarrett Foa
Nell JonesRenée Felice Smith


ProductionProducerShane Brennan
Supervising ProducerLindsay Sturman