Star Trek: The Next Generation · Season 2 22 Episodes

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In season two, the Enterprise continues on its journey across the galaxy with the birth of a new member. Picard once again leads the team as unknown civilizations take notice of the ship and wishes to know more about the crew and their operations. Riker struggles with his loyalty to the Enterprise as his life is threatened and Data tries to become more human to understand his role upon the Enterprise. This season looks closer into the relationship of man vs. machine as Q once again tries to test Picard against a new enemy. The Ferengi threatens the Enterprise and the mystery of the holodeck pits the crew against the clock as lives hang in the balance.


NoFirst Air DateNameOverview
2x1The ChildStardate: 42073.1. Troi undergoes a mysterious pregnancy when the Enterprise tries to escape from a system that has recently fallen victim to a deadly plague.
2x2Where Silence Has LeaseStardate: 42193.6. A mysterious life form known as the 'Nagilum' threatens the life of the crew in his attempt to understand humanity.
2x3Elementary, Dear DataStardate: 42286.3. Data and Geordi become involved with a holodeck program about Sherlock Holmes and his investigations, when they create Sherlock's arch nemesis, Moriarty; however, modifications to the Moriarty character include the capability of out-smarting Data, which leads to some unexpected consequences.
2x4The Outrageous OkonaStardate: 42402.7. The Enterprise is placed in a compromising situation when the captain of a disabled starship places the crew in the middle of a love triangle.
2x5Loud as a WhisperStardate: 42477.2. A deaf-mute mediator meets with disaster while being escorted by the Enterprise.
2x6The Schizoid ManStardate: 42437.5. Data is possessed by the consciousness of a brilliant scientist. However, it has a disturbing impact on Data's personality.
2x7Unnatural SelectionStardate: 42494.8. A mysterious hyper-ageing sickness kills the crew of a Federation cargo ship, and Dr. Pulaski must race against time to find a cure.
2x8A Matter of HonorCommander Riker participates in an officer's exchange program which lands him an assignment on a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. Meanwhile, a Bezite ensign has trouble assimilating to the routines of the Enterprise.
2x9The Measure of a ManStardate: 42523.7. When Data's rights as a sentient individual are placed under trial, Starfleet forces Riker into a position where he must prove that Data is only an Android.
2x10The DauphinStardate: 42568.8. Wesley falls in love with a passenger the Enterprise is escorting, who has the secret ability to shape-shift.
2x11ContagionStardate: 42609.1. A strange power source disables the Enterprise's computer systems, damages Data's programming and leaves the ship and crew vulnerable to a Romulan attack.
2x12The RoyaleStardate: 42625.4. An away team is trapped in an alien environment based around a novel entitled 'The Hotel Royale.'
2x13Time SquaredStardate: 42679.2. Picard encounters his double from six hours in the future, whose Enterprise had been destroyed.
2x14The Icarus FactorStardate: 42686.4. Riker is promoted to Captain of another Federation ship. Worf must confront his past and his Klingon heritage.
2x15Pen PalsStardate: 42695.3. Wesley must investigate the causes of strange tectonic activity on the planet where Data's pen pal lives.
2x16Q WhoStardate: 42761.3. Q hurls the Enterprise into the Delta Quadrant and introduces the Federation to a powerful new enemy that may destroy the Alpha Quadrant: The Borg.
2x17Samaritan SnareStardate: 42779.1. A race known as the Pakleds kidnap Geordi La Forge. Picard must face surgery when he is left in a near-dead state.
2x18Up the Long LadderStardate: 42823.2. Picard must convince two dying civilizations that they must co-exist on the same planet to survive, however, they have other plans to ensure their survival: in the form of clones of the Enterprise crew.
2x19ManhuntStardate: 42859.2. While being escorted to a Federation conference by the Enterprise, Lwaxana hunts for a man to satisfy her needs when her sex-drive is quadrupled during a natural mid-life cycle.
2x20The EmissaryStardate: 42901.3. Worf is re-united with his former lover, K'Ehleyr, while the Enterprise is ordered to intercept a Klingon ship whose crew has been in stasis for a century.
2x21Peak PerformanceStardate: 42923.4. Trouble begins when a Ferengi warship stumbles over a war simulation between Riker and Picard, each on different ships, and begins attacking them.
2x22Shades of GrayStardate: 42976.1. Riker is infected with an alien organism that takes over his mind. Dr. Pulaski must force Riker's mind back to a state where it can access primitive survival skills.


Jean-Luc PicardPatrick Stewart
William T. RikerJonathan Frakes
DataBrent Spiner
WorfMichael Dorn
Deanna TroiMarina Sirtis
Geordi La ForgeLeVar Burton
Katherine PulaskiDiana Muldaur
Wesley CrusherWil Wheaton